Leave of absence from Life in Aalborg

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Dear readers,

Thank you for your interest and support since I started this blog at the end of 2013. It is one of the best initiatives I’ve taken during my life – not only have I learned a lot, but I’ve also enjoyed the writing process and meeting people as a result of my posts. It also helped keep me sane during the long job search I underwent after I arrived in Aalborg.

I have tried to keep up the blog since I started my full-time job two years ago, but I must finally admit (both to you and myself) that this effort is unsustainable. I recently read that sometimes the best thing you can ‘gift’ yourself is the permission to stop. Stop something; stop many things. I need to downscale my activities and obligations, so I’m ‘gifting’ myself a leave of absence from the blog. Since I am unable to give the blog the time and attention I wish to, it is time to put it to rest.

I will naturally keep the blog posts that are currently on the blog, but I will not be posting new updates. If, at some point in the future, I find that I have the time to return to the blog, I will do so.

It has been a pleasure researching, drafting, and publishing information about life in Aalborg. I hope that it has served those of you reading.

Vi ses,


Strike and lockout postponed for the last time

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The anticipated strike and lockout (resulting from the potential conflict between public sector workers and the government in Denmark) have been postponed further – to 8 and 12 May, respectively – allowing more time to reach an agreement. This was a surprise decision, according to TV2. It is also the last time a postponement can be made. Let’s see what the next 2 weeks bring!

To find out more, read here:

Aal around Aalborg: a pretty full week

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UniversitariumThere is quite a bit going on this week in Aalborg. Here is a bulleted list of everything going on (so far) through Sunday in chronological order. Details on all can be found in the Events Calendar:

  • Boardgame night at Nordkraft Tuesday
  • Review of Hungarian general election Tuesday
  • StartUp Cafe Wednesday
  • Philippines and Feminism at the Crisis Kitchen Thursday
  • Hymns from Nineveh solo Thursday
  • Table games night Friday
  • Research Day for kids at Aalborg Hospital Saturday (thus, the photo above)
  • Elsk Danmark Networking Day Saturday
  • Creativity training marathon Saturday
  • Forest hike with Aalborg International Friends Saturday
  • Family workshop at Kunsten: creativity for the whole family Sunday

I have also put Lopper på havnen in the calendar as a regular entry through September. (Usually once a month, but twice in May.) If you have any events or activities you’d like me to add, please let me know! I am constantly adding events, so not all entries will appear on this page. Keep checking back to see what is new 🙂

Aal around Aalborg: lots of Fastelavn events + many others

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The activities available to residents of Aalborg are picking up in number and frequency. There is a particular focus on Fastelavn this weekend, but here is a bulleted list of everything going on (so far) through next Thursday in chronological order. Details on all can be found in the Events Calendar:

  • Fastelavn at BoxTown Aalborg Saturday
  • ProMusica 3 Saturday
  • Welcome to Aalborg event by Aalborg International Friends Saturday
  • International Theme Party: Tribal/Pagan/Native Cult Saturday
  • Fastelavn fun at Aalborg Sunday
  • Family workshop at Kunsten: creativity for the whole family Sunday
  • HP Lange – brunch and music Sunday
  • Fastelavn at Musikkens Hus Sunday
  • Fastelavn and multicultural buffet at Elsk Aalborg Sunday
  • Alignment-focused yoga workshop Sunday
  • European tea house event Monday
  • Creativity training seminar Monday
  • Showing of ‘Chasing Coral’, a documentary, Tuesday
  • Inspiration course for new volunteers Wednesday
  • InterCambio intro night Wednesday
  • TEDx Aalborg Human Connections event Wednesday
  • Egypt at the Crisis Kitchen Thursday
  • Beer tasting Thisted Bryghus at Dice ‘n Drinks Thursday
  • Chat with a midwife for expectant moms Thursday


Aal around Aalborg: preview of events this weekend and in week 6

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events calEven more activities this weekend and next week. Here is the bulleted list in chronological order. Details on all can be found in the Events Calendar:

  • Funky Friday at Studenterhuset on…Friday
  • For families with children, two events at the Aalborg Main Library Saturday: ‘Color a spaceship’ and ‘Expat + Dane Family Event’
  • Food market at Nordkraft Saturday
  • EU Cafe 2.0 – Humanitarian aid event Saturday
  • Winter Jazz: Wild at Heart Saturday night
  • Family workshop at Kunsten: creativity for the whole family Sunday
  • Open House of Byparkhusene at Eternitten Sunday
  • Free intro hour lesson in Argentine tango Sunday
  • WorkinDenmark Job Search Seminar Monday
  • Boardgame night at Nordkraft Tuesday
  • UN Youth Association Denmark semester kick-off meeting Tuesday
  • Career Compass event at AAU (IN DANISH) Wednesday
  • Latin American Festival Aalborg Wednesday
  • StartUp meeting Thursday
  • TechruptionU #2 Thursday
  • The State of AI (presented by Accenture) Thursday
  • Borderline: a tragicomedy! (performance in English) Thursday

Aal around Aalborg: synopsis of weekend and week 5

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events calLots of activities and events coming up this weekend and next week. Here is the bulleted list in chronological order. Details on all can be found in the Events Calendar:

  • Northern Winter Beat music festival Friday and Saturday
  • Sådan løser vi flygtningekrisen: Foredrag (lecture on solving the refugee crisis – in Danish) Friday
  • ‘Make Sense’ exhibition opening at VÆG Contemporary Art Gallery Saturday
  • Dice ‘n Drinks 2-year anniversary celebration Saturday
  • Open House at House of Concrete Saturday
  • Bad-Good Koncert: Der Er Altid Et Løg I Nærheden! (There is always an onion nearby!) Saturday
  • Family workshop at Kunsten Sunday
  • European Youth trip to Egholm Sunday
  • EUN Volunteering Info Meeting next Wednesday

And don’t forget to look at coming weeks and weekends in the calendar, where there are even more events!


Aal around Aalborg: this weekend and beyond…

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events calI have added lots of activities to the Events Calendar. A bullet list of the events coming up this weekend and next week includes:

  • Open House at DGI-Huset tomorrow, where you can try out the different fitness classes they offer – for free! And while you’re at it, get 3 additional clips on a 10-time klippekort for free as well
  • Help transform the new Game Street Mecca at their building workshop tomorrow and Sunday
  • Huge flea and antique market at Gigantium this weekend
  • Another Open House taking place at Urban City Aalborg tomorrow
  • Try out pole dancing – and see a demonstration – for free, tomorrow
  • Meet and greet a wine maker at D’ouro – and try some of their wines…for free, tomorrow
  • Performance by the Esbjerg Ensemble & soprano Tuva Semmingsen at Musikkens Hus Monday evening; free for students
  • Presentation about the Danish health care system at International House North Denmark – for free – Wednesday morning
  • First Bazaar KUL of the season on Wednesday evening; free to browse the different tables/stalls
  • Discover the country of Kazakhstan at a presentation at International House North Denmark Wednesday evening
  • First open rehearsal of Exchange Your Voices (an international student choir) at Musikkens Hus Wednesday evening.

Don’t forget: I’m updating the calendar a bit every day, so there will be more events on there in the coming days, and there are already a good number listed for after next week. So keep checking back!