Recent & upcoming: Voices of Refugees, yard sale, dual citizenship update, fashion outlet sale, Danish beach quality and weather and more

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Voices of Refugees concert at Musikkens Hus Friday, 6 June

A unique opportunity to hear refugees’ stories and thoughts through song will take place Friday, 6 June at 19:30 at Musikkens Hus. Danish singers will perform songs written by refugees from such countries as Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Bosnia about their experiences of war, trauma, and escape. Performers include Søs Fenger, Julie Maria, Sys Bjerre, Jeff Buckley, Freya, Ida Gaard and Sara Grabow. Tickets (205 kr + fee) are going fast, evidently, so buy yours soon if you’re interested. You can order them online or buy them at the box office tomorrow. Part of the proceeds will go to Amnesty International.

Yard sale in my neighborhood!

yard-sale3-600x365I am taking the opportunity as the writer of this blog to promote a yard sale in my neighborhood this Saturday, 7 June from 11:00 to 15:00. There will be at least six families taking part and lots of items will be for sale, from children’s items to women and men’s clothing to kitchen items. The sale will take place in the green space bordered by the Nørregade, Østergravensgade, and Søndergade streets in the center of Aalborg (click here for the map). There are several entries to the space – directly across from the main library, next to Amerikansk Diner; two entrances from Søndergade; and one from Østergravensgade. We’ll have signs up on the day indicating the entrances. Hope to see you here!

Fashion outlet sale at Aalborg Kongres- & Kulturcenter

There will be a massive outlet sale at Aalborg Kongres- & Kulturcenter this weekend, 7 and 8 June from 11:00 to 17:00 both days. Entry is free to the public. Steep discounts of 30-80% on all clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. will be offered. Click here for more information.


Day and time: Thursday 12th June – 16.30-19.30
Venue: Aftenskolernes Hus, Kjellerupsgade 16-18, 9000 Aalborg

Do not miss this exciting and unique opportunity to network with some of North Denmark’s business people! Erhverv Norddanmark (Chamber of Commerce for North Denmark) and Trademark Future Lounge are inviting expats to meet members of Trademark Future Lounge on Thursday, 12th June from 16.30 to 19.30. A sociologist from Aalborg University will give insights into how Danes behave at work and when doing business – for better or for worse. This talk should enable an interesting and positive debate between the participants before they are divided into teams and work together to produce the fanciest version of the Danish national dish.

Trademark Future Lounge aims to create links to expats living in North Denmark and between professionals with different backgrounds, nationalities and professional skills. This is done through the traditional Trademark Future Lounge approach where professionalism and active cooperation go hand-in-hand.

Sign up by Tuesday 10th June by sending an email to Annica Gade Engholm ( The event is free of charge when you sign up. However, please note there is a no-show fee of DKK 220 + moms which is also payable in case you cancel after the deadline.

Kunsten offers art summer school for children 9-12

Kunsten is offering an art summer school for children ages 9 to 12 this year at Utzon Center and Karolinelund, as the museum is undergoing renovations until October 2015. I was unable to find more information about this on either the Utzon Center or Kunsten websites; perhaps it will show up soon. Stay tuned!


Liberalization of dual citizenship rules in Denmark receives political agreement

Yesterday the Danish government signed a broad political agreement with the Left (Venstre), the Socialist People’s Party (Socialistisk Folkeparti), Enhedslisten and Liberal Alliance parties to accept dual citizenship for both foreigners living in Denmark and Danes living abroad. The parties also agree that there should be a transitional period for former Danish citizens who lost their Danish citizenship when obtaining foreign citizenship. This autumn the government will, in light of the agreement, forward a legislative proposal to amend the rules on dual citizenship. The changes are expected to come into force in the summer of 2015. (See my previous post on dual citizenship here. I received the information for this update from the Ministry of Justice’s website.)

Board and card games at Aalborg Library

Did you know that you can borrow board and card games from the Aalborg library? I didn’t either – but apparently the library has just purchased a load of new games and made them available to play either at the library or at home. I saw one of my all-time favorite card games, Ligretto, in the photograph so I am tempted to go check out their other offerings.

Mødrehjælpen (Mothers’ Help) opens new advice center in Aalborg

Mødrehjælpen has just opened a new counselling center in central Aalborg at Boulevarden 30, 4th floor. A national Danish organization, Mødrehjælpen provides women and families with advice and gives economic, social and educational support; offers counselling on abortion and  abused women; and helps individuals build a social network so that there’s someone whose hand you can hold when you need it. They also provide legal assistance. More information about the Aalborg center’s opening hours, etc. is available here. While the organization has had a second-hand shop on Danmarksgade for quite some time, this is the first counselling center they’ve opened in Aalborg.

Aalborg beaches get top marks by EU Commission and Danish Outdoor Council

Studies of water quality and beach quality in Denmark by two organizations – the EU Commission and Danish Outdoor Council (Friluftsråd) – have given Aalborg Kommune beaches top marks. While the EU study focused on water quality, bacteria and health in its study, the Outdoor Council focused on toilets, parking places and beach cleanliness, among other things (there is some overlap between the two). Both organizations found beaches in Aalborg Kommune in excellent condition, as well as the ports of Nibe, Hals and Marina Fjordparken (included only in the Outdoor Council’s ratings coverage). Here are the marks by beach (blue flag is a top mark):

EU Commission rating of excellence Blue flag from Danish Outdoor Council
Bisnap X X
Dokkedal X
Egense X X
Egholm X X
Halkær Bredning X
Hesteskoen X X
Hou X X
Lindholm Strandpark X X
Møllestenen X X
Nibe X
Stejlgabet X
Vester Langeland (Mou) X

Denmark awaits a warm summer

Meterologists in Denmark, Germany and Scandinavia had already declared that this summer will be a warm one; now an American meteorological organization has chimed in with similar predictions. The U.S. weather service NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) has studied what weather will look like in Europe throughout the summer, and estimates that the temperature in Denmark will be about one degree warmer than normal and that we will get about twenty percent less rainfall over the three summer months. While one degree does not seem much, it can evidently do a lot to provide stable summer heat.

Once again, thanks to Midt-Vest Avis for the bulk of the info!


Snowstorm hits North Jutland

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Outside the blogger’s backdoor this morning…

It was predicted. We were warned. And yet I am awestruck by the storm that has hit (and keeps hitting). North Jutland is experiencing this winter’s first significant snowstorm and by the end (Sunday morning) we should have between 20 and 25 cm (7-9 inches) of the white stuff piled up outside our doors. According to Nordjyske, there have been major traffic problems this morning, including two bus accidents that sent 3 people to the hospital with minor injuries. Bus travelers are encouraged to incorporate ample waiting time into their schedules; for some the bus will never come today because service on many lines has been canceled. Those traveling by train may also experience delays. While the snowfall is not heavy, it will fall consistently throughout the weekend, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute. Heavy winds will also continue. So if you can, stay indoors, have a cup of hot chocolate and put a DVD in the player!