Cafés in central Aalborg: A hyggelig place to take a break

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Fotor0106154538Coffee. The word conjures the smell of mornings as a child when my father made his first pot of many on any given day…the graceful swirl of milk and coffee in its iced form served in a transparent glass in Japan, where I first learned to appreciate the caffeinated beverage…a liquid boost with which I now greet each morning. Since my days at university in Evanston, Illinois, when the Unicorn Cafe opened on Sherman Avenue and started a much-needed café culture for students, I have sought interesting and quirky cafes in each city I have lived. New York City did not disappoint, nor did Chicago. Quito, Ecuador had a handful of surprisingly nice spots where I could get my fix and London, of course, provided a plethora of options. But these are all large cities where establishments cater to residents as well as tourists. So it was with surprise that I found a thriving café culture in the center of Aalborg, despite the city’s relatively small population. Danes appreciate their coffee and if the café is hyggelig, so much the better! Read the rest of this entry »