Two news items from Aalborg Police this week: 1) crime is down and 2) check your digital post!

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politiHere is the good news: crime, already low in Aalborg, is even lower than it was four years ago. A new report from Northern Jutland Police shows that Aalborg Municipality has experienced a decrease in burglary, theft, and violence since 2011. Reported burglaries in private homes and apartments fell from 1,583 to 1,211 in 2014, while thefts dropped from 3,646 in 2011 down to 2,616 in 2014. Acts of violence decreased from 459 to 357 in 2014. And the positive trend seems to have continued into 2015, when, in the first six months, only 378 burglaries, 871 instances of theft, and 134 cases of violence were on the books. “The year is obviously not over yet so much can happen, but so far the figures look good. We have reason to be pleased,” said Deputy Police Inspector Henrik Skals of the Northern Jutland Police.

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