Aalborg Public Library: A community hot spot

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The entry passage to the main library in the center of Aalborg

I have loved libraries since I was a child. My mother used to take my siblings and me to the library in downtown Moline, Illinois to pick out books every few weeks and we would lose ourselves among the shelves, exploring everything from detective stories (my brother) to ballet (my sister) to horses (me). On Saturdays I would accompany my father there to pick out art for our walls (prints, like books, could be borrowed for a month or so at a time). And as a teen I used the library as a quiet place to study and write.

I have visited and utilized the services of myriad libraries all over the world since childhood. Some have impressed with their enormous collection of materials while others have inspired me to read and write in their huge elegant study halls. And then there is the Aalborg Public Library, which belongs in a category all to itself… Read the rest of this entry »