Aal around Aalborg: Aalborg Pride, flea market benefit for Nepal earthquake victims, Asian Food Festival, and a list of others

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Writing this weekly events series can be really time-consuming. From monitoring the various sites where activities and events are posted, to selecting those I think are most interesting to the international community, to translating Danish text, to writing English text, to updating the Events Calendar…these tasks can easily take 3-4 hours or more per week. I have decided that while the series is important, I really need to pare down my commitment to it in order to provide sufficient time for the tasks and responsibilities I have outside the blog. Thus, I have decided to reduce significantly the level of detail I include in each week’s post. From now on I will highlight two or three events a week and then provide a simple list of other upcoming events with links to more information.

By the way, if you are an event organizer and would like your activity/event featured or just included, please email me at

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Taste of India: an Aalborg international residents’ entrepreneurial success story

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ToI 3Update 20 May 2016: Taste of India is now located at JFK Plads 3 (by the Aalborg main train station). They offer a sit-down restaurant and take-away and discontinued their delivery service. 

On 5 March of this year, three business partners opened the doors of their new Indian restaurant at Bispensgade 29 – Taste of India. (Finally – more than one Indian restaurant in Aalborg!) But this story is not just about another takeaway option in the city – and a yummy one at that – it’s also about some international residents who met at Aalborg Sprogcenter, became friends, saw a gap in the ethnic food market, and decided to do something about it.

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Recent & upcoming: entrepreneurship seminar, anti-shale gas extraction events, music, opera, quizzes, movies, and other events

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For various reasons, I decided to post the weekly edition of R&U today – Wednesday – instead of my usual Thursday or Friday. I’m not sure I’ll continue to do this or whether it makes sense to stick with what I had going – if you have an opinion, please comment below. I also altered the structure to make it easier to find the date, time, and location of each event. Per usual, however, the list is in chronological order. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know! Oh – and check out the four news items at the end. Might be of interest…[The Events Calendar has been updated.]

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Cooking, baking, and finding ingredients in Aalborg: some tips and creative tricks (Guest blog post part 2)

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Hello again! Thanks for all the nice feedback on Part I of this post. This time, a more specific list of ingredients that are easily found in grocery stores in America but prove a little more elusive here in Denmark. In some cases, you’re just out of luck, and for those, I’ve provided substitutions that I’ve had success with. If any of you have other locations or substitutions, please PLEASE share in the comments! I have included links to a few tutorials that you might find helpful.

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Recent & upcoming: Waldorf School open house, movies, New to Aalborg Fair, dance, food, big sales, and more

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Check out Aalborg’s myriad offerings in the coming days…and don’t forget to view the Events Calendar to see them (and previously posted events) listed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Open house at the Aalborg Waldorf school today

waldorf school logoIn connection with the nationwide Open School initiative the Aalborg Rudolf Steiner (Friskole) invites all those interested in the school and its philosophy to an open house today, Thursday, 6 November from 15:00 to 19:00 . The idea behind the Open School initiative is that everyone should have the opportunity to take a look into the Danish school system – not necessarily in relation to a school change, but rather to the various school forms that may be experienced. All are very welcome at Tornhøjvej 14, 9220 Aalborg East. Tel. 98157444. For more information about the school, click here.

Basement Beer Bar begins serving Christmas – today!

Basement Beer Bar, located at Løkkegade 18 in central Aalborg, will begin serving its special Christmas beers on tap today, 6 November, holding special opening hours from 16:00 to 22:00. Two of the 10 beers will be ‘released’ each hour, on the hour. That means you can’t try all of them unless you stay until at least 20:00. Those who click ‘going’ on the event FB page and show up will be assigned a number and entered in a raffle. Really, though, the event is about trying high quality suds and enjoying the company of others in a hyggelig atmosphere.

Miyazaki theme tonight at UCN Movie Nightspirited away

Join UCN students for a cozy night of movie watching tonight, 6 November from 20:00-23:00 at UCN’s T&B International, Porthusgade 1. Snacks and drinks available for purchase at the Friday bar. The theme of tonight’s viewing is Miyazaki Hayao, who directed such films as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. (I don’t know which of his films will be shown, however.) Click here to see the event’s FB page.

Aalborg to debate Denmark’s foreign aid policy

Danes contribute 56 kr./person each week to the development funds Denmark puts to work in the world’s poorest countries. This corresponds roughly to a pizza or two cups of coffee at a cafe. Over a year, it adds up to a total of approximately 16.3 billion kroners. At 10:30 tomorrow, Friday, 7 November an open debate about this, involving Orla Hav (S), Save the Children, and the KFUM Scouts and audience members, will take place at Aalborg Katedralskole. Part of the meeting will focus on the theme Youth and employment and the financial crisis in Denmark and globally and organizers will pose the question: Why should Denmark provide foreign aid? Panelists and audience members will have ample opportunity to participate in the debate, which will be mediated by Niels FridNielsen, host of Kulturnyt and commentator on DR2. (Taken from Midt-Vest Avis, 5 November, page 8)

kapgangplakat20 kr. tickets for showing of Kapgang (in Danish) at Nordkraft’s Biffen and Biocity (Kennedy Arkaden) this Saturday and Sunday

Kapgang, a Danish film that tells the story of Martin, who is ‘forced to deal with confused sexuality and the loss of a mother in a provincial setting in the mid-seventies, where the famed Danish liberation of porn has had its influence on the grownups’ (thanks,, is being shown at Nordkraft’s Biffen and Biocity (Kennedy Arkaden) cinema this Saturday and Sunday, 8 & 9 November at various times for only 20 kr./ticket. A good deal, to be sure. The movie stars Pilou Asbæk of Eurovision and Borgen fame and Sidse Babett Knudsen, his even more famous boss in Borgen (and lots of other productions).  Purchase tickets here and hurry if you want a choice of times and seats – some are close to sold out.

Huge flea/antique market at Gigantium this weekend

250 merchants from across the country will fill Gigantium this weekend, 8 and 9 November, with antiques, used items and arts and crafts. One of the year’s biggest flea and craft markets, the event attracts both the elderly, who seek items with nostalgic value, and families looking for good deals for their children and homes. The market is open 10:00 to 17:00 Saturday and 10:00 to 16:00 Sunday. Entry is 35 kr./adult, free for children under 12 when accompanied by an adult. Gigantium is located on the 2, 5 and 12 bus lines. Click here to learn (a little) more.

Fashion Outlet sale at Aalborg Kongres- & Kulturcenter

There will be a huge outlet sale at Aalborg Kongres- & Kulturcenter this weekend, 8 and 9 November from 11:00 to 17:00 both days. Entry is free to the public. Steep discounts of 30-80% on all clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. will be offered. Click here for more information. (This event happens at least twice a year at the AKKC; the last Fashion Outlet sale was in June.)

Halkær kro to hold organic slaughter festival Sunday, 9 November

Halkær Kro, a Nibe cultural institution and supporter of all foods locally grown, is holding its annual slaughter festival this Sunday, 9 November from 10:00 to 15:00. Of interest to vegetarians is the local product market which includes cheese, ice cream, fruit, vegetables, honey, wine, chocolate, and clothing as well as items they won’t be interested in: meat of locally raised animals (duck, chicken, lamb, goat, pig, calf). In addition to the market, which runs throughout the day, the program includes slaughter of chickens, a delicious lunch (100 kr./person), and music. You can find more information here.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????New to Aalborg Fair 12 November at Aalborg Main Library

Are you new to Aalborg? Or have you been here a while but still have questions about things like taxes, your job search, learning Danish, healthcare, banking, child care, residency, etc.? Then come to the first New to Aalborg Fair on Wednesday, 12 November from 16:00 to 18:00 at the main library (Aalborg Hovedbibioteket). The event is informal and designed to make it as easy as possible for you to ask authorities the questions that pertain to you. Representatives of several public organizations will be present to speak with you (in English or Danish), answer your questions, and provide information about their services. See my previous post about the event here.

Statens Kunstfond (Danish Art Foundation) celebrates its 50th anniversary with air dance in Nordkraft on 12 November – free entry!

Counterweight (Taking Space # 4) is the fourth project in a series of site-specific air dance performances by choreographer / dancer Esther Wrobel. Each project is a unique air dance experience created by Esther in collaboration with several artists. The projects are designed specifically for selected places, spaces and buildings, and this time it is Nordkraft’s Kedelhal’s turn. The goal of the show is to explore new forms of mobility and connect freely floating bodies with music, video art and installations. A wall or column can become a dance floor and a pile of metal garbage can be turned into a beautiful sculpture. Our usual perception of a room’s design and aesthetics are challenged, and are a reminder that there are always new perspectives on what we take for granted. The show will be performed on Wednesday, 12 November three times – at 17:00, 19:00 and 21:00. May I suggest attending the New to Aalborg Fair first and then relaxing at the show?

nachosNachos Night at Studenterhuset 12 November

Do you like nachos? Do you want to socialize with other young people? If yes to both, then this is your night! The event will take place in the Studenterhuset cafe on the 12th of November, from 20:00. May I recommend a stop at the New to Aalborg Fair, a viewing of the free dance performance at Nordkraft, and then nachos? Food always goes down better when you are well informed and relaxed. 🙂 Here is the event’s FB page link.

Poetry Slam at Studenterhuset 13 November

Would you like to read some of your own poetry or hear that written by others read alound? Then come to the Poetry Slam ‘Slam-Frø’ at 20:00 on Thursday, 13 November and/or 4 December. Selected audience members will be autocratic judges, while the remaining audience can be seduced by words and drama. If you have the words and want to act, have questions, or just want to know more about the rules please write to

World Diabetes Day fair at Nordkraft 14 November

Do you or someone you love have diabetes? Then come to the World Diabetes Day fair at Nordkraft’s main hall from 13:00-17:00 on Friday, 14 November. The Danish Diabetes Association‘s local office, in collaboration with Sundhedscenter Aalborg, invites relatives of those with the disease and others interested in diabetes to visit the various stands, where they can learn about and buy diabetes care-related products and services from which diabetics can benefit. In 2012 the Danish Diabetes Association conducted a study that found that 47% of 5,000 Danes queried did not know that type 2 diabetes is hereditary; testing of individuals’ risk of type 2 diabetes will also be available at the fair. In addition, Azzura will offer a diabetes-friendly menu. You can read more about the event by clicking here (in Danish) and searching for events in Aalborg (there is only one on 14 November).

Shakka Mi MAKKA Afro-Caribbean Shuffle event 22 November at Trekanten

Jam Yard and Touch of Africa invite you to their multicultural fest “Shakka Mi MAKKA”, a Jamaican phrase that means partying with friends, on Saturday, 22 November from 18:30 until the wee hours of the morning. The aim of the event is to create an awareness of the Afro & Caribbean culture that exists in Denmark. Among the offerings will be Afro Caribbean cuisine, Julefrokost & buffet style, a live concert with musicians direct from Jamaica and Africa, and the chance to watch and try out traditional and modern dances from the African continent and the Caribbean. The event will take place at Sebbersundvej 2a, 9220 Aalborg. (I couldn’t find the price of entry.) Here is the event’s FB page.

WorkinDenmark LinkedIn seminar on 28 November

LinkedIn has a strong presence in Denmark – 52% of potential employers will view your profile on the site during the recruitment process. If you would like to learn how to build a LinkedIn profile or maximize one you have already created, come to WorkinDenmark’s workshop on Friday, 28 November from 12:00-14:30 at Aalborg Sprogcenter, led by Morten Vium, a speaker, e-book author and blogger at ModerneJobsø Participation is free but space is limited to 15 and you need to bring your own laptop. See my post on FB here (3rd or 4th item down the page) for more information and to register.


Aalborg Kommune website makes room for English section

This past Monday, 3 November, Aalborg Kommune launched the sub-section of their website in English. Whereas it was difficult to find any information in English on the municipality’s site before, there are now four sections written for English-speakers: Moving to Aalborg, Living in Aalborg, Doing business in Aalborg, and About Aalborg. Within each of these (save the fourth) are further sub-sections about everything from finding a place to live to help for businesses that want to set up their offices here – and lots of subjects in between. Some sections are better fleshed out than others (and there are quite a few links to other sites that cover those topics) but I think this is a vast improvement over the previous vacuum of nothingness for expats/international residents who do not understand Danish…

Recent & upcoming: party in library garden TODAY, organic market, Aalborg budget debate, free music, and more!

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The weather is proving to be a real sport these days – sun, blue skies and warmth. With autumn’s official arrival Sunday, let’s hope we get more of the crisp, fall days that make the transition from summer to winter such a pleasure…Please remember to check the new Events Calendar to see all of these events on the days they happen!


photoUnlimited Urban Sessions – Library Edition TONIGHT!

I wrote about this in last week’s edition of R&U (it’s part of the Aalborg Sustainability Festival) but it was brought to my attention again when I spoke with Vita Andersen this week at the library. It sounds like a great time and chance to chill in a place that welcomes Danes and expats alike. See the event’s FB page here. Here is the organizers’ pitch:

‘As part of our Unlimited Urban Sessions series, we’re bringing you the Library Edition. Aalbornification is set to take you on a hip and cultural trip, in which you can get to know about the library and its free services as well as the Unlimited Festival. This edition is all about urban art and culture, and it fuses live painting-urban style, parkour, grooves and moves, all by being sustainable. Using our unique Boom Bike mobile stage, we’ll bring you several local DJs that will play selected electroswing, funky house, electro jazz and other dynamic infusions of electronic music in past genres. This edition takes place in the nice garden outside Aalborg Main Library’s Glashjørnet. We’ve arranged loads of beanbags, cozy chairs and tables to make you comfortable. We’ll be pumping moods from 16:00 until 21:00. From 21:30 on the other side of the library, there will be an outdoor showing of the movie Blå mænd, which is a Danish comedy featuring Borgen star Sidse Babett Knudsen. It will be shown with English subtitles. Although you cannot bring your own food or drinks to the event, we will sell affordable grilled food as well as non-alcoholic drinks (we’re in a municipal area) to keep your thirst and hunger in check. (For the outdoor movie screening from 21:30, we’ll be selling both food and ciders and beers.)


  • Get to know the library and its cool and free facilities – movie theater, gaming zone, book varieties, a lot of space for study group work, language café, extended opening hours, events for students and more.
  • Parkour and live painting – the parking lot just below the garden will host a group of local parkour enthusiasts and their obstacles, as well as two artist that will be painting live on big wooden boards. There will also be small workshops for people to try out parkour.
  • Book crossing – besides listening to quality music, meeting new people and chilling in the cozy atmosphere, you can bring a book you´ve already read and exchange it with one of the many books that the library gives away.

ANR free concert at the harbor tonight from 17:00-19:00

In conjunction with the opening of Larsen Waterfront, ANR hosts a free concert at Aalborg Harbor tonight from 17:00 to 19:00. Featured performers include Shaka Loveless, Djames Braun, L.I.G.A and Rasmus Walter. Just show up! More info here.

Organic Market at Nordkraft tomorrow

For the fourth year in a row, the Association of Organic Market Events Aalborg is holding their organic market day at Nordkraft. From 10:00 to 16:00 tomorrow, you can come and peruse various organic products, including vegetables, fruits, seafood, health products, dairy, meat, bread, chocolate, coffee, wine and clothing. There will also be environmentally friendly toys and packaging for sale. A fashion show will take place at 13:00. The market is part of Aalborg’s Sustainability Festival.

street picnicStreet picnic tomorrow on Nørregade from 17:00-23:30

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 20 VAERK9000’s sustainability festival ends with a bang. The festivals’ organizers invite you and your friends to a Picnic Partyin the middle of the pedestrian zone at Nørregade. All you have to do is:
1: Pack a basket with some food, cold drinks, coffee (and maybe a little cream and whiskey to keep warm…)
2: Put on little warm clothing and maybe bring a blanket – It’s Denmark, after all!
3: Bring a friend and find the pink caravan in Noerregade, and prepare yourself for a super hygglig evening in the company of old and new faces! We provide flowers, fun and bands to play for you free of charge. Don’t forget to share the invitation with your neighbor, and let’s put the good old street party” back on the map!

Semester Opening Party at Studenterhuset Saturday, 20 Septembersemesterparty

The big semester kick-off party at Studenterhuset takes place tomorrow from 21:30 to 3:00am. Come join the other 500+ students who have already signed up on the event’s FB page. Lots of music, conversation (maybe?) and drinks to be had by all. In fact, the FIRST 200 people will get a Carlsberg beer or Mokaï for free. Organized by I-Life and Studenterhuset.

Don’t forget Open Farms Day (Åbent Landbrug) Sunday, 21 September

Every year on the 3rd Sunday of September, farms in Denmark open their stable and barn doors to visitors to see how they operate. This year Open Farms Day takes place on Sunday, 21 September from 10:00 to 16:00. Registration is not necessary and entry to all participating farms is free. There are many different types of farming represented, with everything from dairy cows to sows and piglets and from minks to eggs, mushrooms and cucumbers. At some of the farms it is possible to buy something to drink and eat – read more on the activity list for each farm. Find the farm/s you would most like to visit here.

Aalborg City Council to hold city budget 2015 Q&A and debate session next Monday

The annual budget meeting between Aalborg City Council and local citizens will be held in Kedelhallen in Nordkraft next Monday, 22 September from 19:00 to 21:00. Kedelhallen will be converted into a platform where city council members and citizens can engage in dialogue and debate on next year’s budget. Each of the municipality’s seven departments will have a booth where people can exchange opinions with politicians on the 2015 budget for the first 45 minutes of the event. This open session will be followed by an open forum debate. Journalist Soren Wormslev will be the evening’s master of ceremonies and moderator. Beer and water will be served during the event. Everyone is welcome (please note, however, that the meeting will take place in Danish). Rad more here.

Students of Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium present free concerts at Musikkens Hus

Two evenings a week from next week students of the Jyske Music Conservatory will perform Konsertcafeer in the Rytmisk Sal at Musikkens Hus at 19:00. Dates are the following Tuesdays and Wednesdays this autumn: 30 September/1 October, 7/8 October, 11/12 November, 25/26 November. A variety of types of performances will be offered, including vocal, piano, drums, and guitar. See more about it here.

Expat + Dane Dinner on 30 October

One of the most popular Expat & Dane events the library holds is the annual Expat + Dane Dinner, which will take place this year on Thursday, 30 October from 18:30 to 21:30. Just bring a dish and drinks, put the food on the buffet table and mark your dish with its name and origin. Then take a seat at one of the many nicely decorated tables and have a chat with your dinner partners. Usually more than 100 people from more than 20 countries join in, including a large number of Danes. Children are very welcome. There is plenty of space and in the Childrens Library and Hulen the staff are ready to assist you. There is no admission fee but the library does require registration, which you can do via a link at the bottom of this page.


Record waiting list for student housing in Aalborg

In case you are not a student and are unfamiliar with the housing shortage students face here in Aalborg, it may come as a surprise that the waiting list for housing is longer than ever, despite 700 more housing units in the city since last year. (You HAVE noticed the enormous, tall, brown building on the harbor near Musikkens Hus, haven’t you?) Around 6,500 students are on a list for the roughly 6,000 units available in the city. Some are desperate for a place to live. Many of those on the list are not in acute need of housing, however – some are passive searchers, while others are living with their parents and just looking to move into their own place. In recent years Aalborg has invested heavily in youth housing and has established more of it than the rest of the country’s university cities combined. Still, it seems it has not proved possible to reduce the long queue.

Aalborg’s Park Hotel for sale

Here is a bizarre little news item. Have you ever wanted to own a hotel? Or do you have some ideas for how a building as well-placed as Aalborg’s Park Hotel could be used? If so, the hotel is now on the market for a cool 37 million DKK. Not bad for an establishment across from the train station with 79 rooms and 2 suites. If interested, inquire at the hotel, which has been family-run for 53 years.

Recent & upcoming in Aalborg: library cinema night, Research Days at Aalborg Hospital, Children’s Run sign-up deadline, Organic take-away in Aalborg, Children’s Carnival, New traffic app

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Cinema at Aalborg Library

Aalborg Main Library staff invite you to a movie screening of Lykkevej in their cozy cinema today, Friday, 25th April from 16:00-18:00. The movie tells a humorous story about different Danish cultures meeting one another.The movie will be shown in Danish with English subtitles. The event is free and there is no need to register – just show up and head upstairs to the cinema. Read more about the film here.

forsikningsdøgnResearch Days at Medicinerhuset

Aalborg University will open their doors for fun and educational activities for children and the young at heart tomorrow, Saturday, April 26 at Medicinerhuset from 10:00 to 13:00. Come learn how to save lives with CPR, have a teddy bear examined by doctors at the Teddy Bear Hospital and move around as a piece of a giant human puzzle. The event is part of the national science festival Research Days, and researchers from the hospital, Aalborg University and UCN Jutland will be offering a morning with lots of ‘vitamins for the head’. ‘We want to help show kids that by knowing some simple methods they can actually help to save another person’s life if, for example, someone collapses under cardiac arrest. We will teach children to provide basic first aid by encouraging them to call for help and ring 1-1-2, give CPR and use a defibrillator,’ says doctor and coordinator Kristian Kragholm. The Teddy Bear Hospital is a nationwide project organized by medical students, which caters to the youngest children. ‘We treat children’s teddy bears in a safe and quiet environment so that, through play, children can see that we are not dangerous white monsters, but friendly people who are just trying to help,’ said chairman of the Teddy Bear Hospital in Aalborg, Ditte Nymark Hansen. Medicinerhuset is located at Mølleparkvej 4 in Aalborg. Click here for more information about the event.

Sign-up deadline 30 April for Aalborg’s Children’s Run

Remember to sign up for AalborimageGen.ashxg’s annual Children’s Run, which will take place Sunday, 11 May at Karolinelund at 10:00. A route of 1 km will be drawn up and children ages 0 to 10 can take up to an hour to complete the course. Cost of participation is 85 kr. + 12 kr. fee if you sign up by 30 April; parents are welcome to run with their children for free. Race officials will distribute a number to each participating child and goodie-bags will be given out at the finish line. Click here for more information but please note that as of press time, the map, invitation and poster on the website are outdated (for last year’s race) and display the wrong location.

Organic take-away now available in Aalborg

An organic dinner concept that is well on its way to becoming a nationwide trend opens Saturday, April 26 in Aalborg. Jacob Vangaa, owner of Vangaa’s Mad at Kristinevej 2 in Vejgaard, has joined the network of kitchens working under the same brand and with the common goal of offering healthy organic takeaway in Denmark. ‘Our customers order on the Internet and we bring hot meals to their door. Our logistics is so precise that you can order your dinner right up until 17:45 and have it delivered an hour after ordering,’ says the man behind the project, Jacob Mother. Jacob Vangaa works daily to make lunch for local businesses and institutions.

Changes to Children’s Carnival this year

The Children’s Carnival, which is part of the annual week-long Aalborg Carnival festivities, will cost less and include more activities this year, including a costume competition and MGP show as well as more entertainment at Kildeparken. Because many parents complained last year about the high price of the required armband – 125 kr. – especially since it was good for only that day, this year children will be able to take part for 50 kr. and bring an adult with them for free. The children’s carnival will take place Saturday, 17 May from 9:30 to 15:00, starting with a parade through Aalborg to Kildeparken. More information is available here.

New app leads you away from traffic jams and/or toward parking spaces

Are you tired of needing an extra half-hour to get somewhere because there’s been an accident in Limfords Tunnel? Or do you just want to know whether the highway to Hobro is clear of traffic? Now there is an app for your smartphone that might be able to help. Called ‘Trafikken Nordjylland’, the app provides the same information you can get at, which provides current traffic conditions for those driving, taking the bus or riding on the train in this region of Denmark.The app is available for iPhones and Androids. It was developed in a collaboration between the Danish Road Directorate and Aalborg Kommune.

Web cameras
‘The app is intended as a service you can quickly check before you take off. For example, it is easy to flip between webcam images from the many web cams that stand along the roads throughout the country. From our user numbers, we can see that drivers, especially, like this feature,’ says Road Directorate project manager Christian von Huth. The biggest traffic problem in North Jutland is Limfjordstunnelen, and Trafikken Nordjylland pays special attention to both it and Limfjords Bridge. If the tunnel is blocked or the bridge is up (to let boats pass under), the traffic information map indicates this.

Available parking spaces
In addition, the app makes it easier to find a parking space in Aalborg. ‘We are pleased that our travel time system and our parking information can now be even more useful. The Trafikken Nordjylland app can indicate current travel times for selected lines/roads as well as the nearest available parking space, including how to get to it, via the phone’s built-in navigation,’ says Ulrich Clausen, Traffic Engineer at Aalborg Kommune.

As usual, thanks to Midt-Vest Avis for most of these news items. Any errors in translation are the sole responsible of the blogger.