‘Are you new to Aalborg?’ presentation Thursday!

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19732091_1993822223976805_1744318058304440146_nI have had every intention of getting back into the routine of writing my weekly Aal around Aalborg post but haven’t managed, due to other demands on my time. One of these is a presentation I will give this Thursday, 24 August at the main library: ‘Are you new to Aalborg?’ From 16:00 to 17:30 all who are new (or relatively new) to the city are welcome to come and hear me give some tips on what is important when you move here, how to tackle common challenges as a newcomer to Denmark, and myriad other things – a potpourri of help, if you will. There will be plenty of time for questions. And if you don’t know the library at all (a superb community gathering place and service provider), there will be a tour you can join in the last half hour. So please come! And I’ll be back to business with the blog at the end of next week. Promise. Find out more about the event here. Are you new to Aalborg? is part of Aalborg Festivals. For more information go to aalborgfestivals.dk.


Aal around Aalborg: summer is most definitely here…

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tuborg prideAnd so summer has begun. While the temperature would not convince you of that, the fact that streets are basically empty and parking spaces in the center are pretty easy to get points to an exodus that has happened and is still happening. It is my first summer in Aalborg that I am taking holiday in the second half of the six-week school break (though our girls are already with their grandparents in Germany) – so I am getting to experience this for the first time. It’s nice. Stress-free travel to work in Viborg, a generally relaxed atmosphere, and the feeling that one can stretch out and just lie in the grass.

With that, of course, comes a subdued activity calendar in the city. There are some things going on but they are not many. I have listed a few this weekend. The big one is Aalborg Pride, which starts with a parade from Kildeparken down Vesterbro and on to Karolinelund, where a party will crackle until midnight. Next week is the Middle Ages fair in Kildeparken. There are also two flea markets at the harbor and in Louise Plads, treasure hunt for small children at Costa del Nordkraft, and a Platform 4 music night tomorrow. But that’s about it…Check out the Events Calendar for all the details!

And with that I sign off for a few weeks. Enjoy your holiday, wherever in the world you are!

Aal around Aalborg: lots of interesting stuff this weekend

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Universitarium.jpgSo it’s the calm before the storm: next weekend Aalborg will be FULL of people from outside the city, attending DGI-landsstævne, a once-every-four-years sport event for young Danes. I think this weekend is purposefully quiet as the city gears up for that. But there is actually quite a bit going on – and much of it is for children and families. My picks: the Viking market at Lindholm Høje (fascinating for both adults and children. We may complain about how life is today, but get a sense of how it was in the time of the Vikings and you will stop – or not!), opening of the Universitarium at the Main Library, the Let’s Play! interactive exhibit opening at Utzon Sunday, and the American beer tasting at CW Obels Plads. Oh – and then there are the Sankt Hans celebrations happening all over the kommune tomorrow evening. My list is only the beginning. So go the events calendar and check out everything listed on there for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Have fun!

Aal around Aalborg: 16 June edition

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TubakraftThere are no big headline events this weekend like last weekend’s Regatta and Asian Culture Festival. But there are several small events and activities that could tempt you out – if you don’t already have plans. The weather is expected to be nice, so go out and enjoy! All events are listed in the calendar here (remember to click on the ‘agenda’ link in the top right corner, if you just want the list – and if you are a regular Google calendar user, you can just add the calendar to your own list of calendars) but here is a list in chronological order:

  • Live music at Wildebeest Gastro Pub
  • Children’s yoga session with Stinne Nielsen
  • BBQ with Aalborg International Friends
  • [Untitled 17] opening
  • Introduction to port wine (wine tasting)
  • Tubakraft
  • Flea market in Vejgaard
  • Family workshop at Kunsten
  • Open air social dancing at the harbor

Aal around Aalborg: from 9 June 2017

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So many events happening this weekend…Aalborg Regatta, Asian Culture Festival, On Air Festival, opening of the newly renovated Vestre Fjordpark, Lions FjordPark, and so much more. Check out the calendar!

Aal around Aalborg: back and better than ever!

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And so I return from a very long hiatus – unplanned, to be sure, but necessary. Last week I had the pleasure of talking with two of Aalborg Library’s strongest advocates for helping international residents, who have been staying up-to-date on what’s happening in Aalborg, where the pressure points are, and which topics could be useful to my readers. My events posts were at the top of the list – and I promised I’d be back this week. So here I am!

One of the things I’ve wanted to do since I started the events series is to develop it around a calendar – with individual listings within the calendar entries. WordPress has upgraded their offerings since I last blogged and so I have been able to embed the Google calendar for Aal around Aalborg directly into a page (Events Calendar). But because this is the first time I’m using it like this, I have also embedded it directly below. It looks crowded – I freely acknowledge this. In addition, while this is not optimised for mobile phone viewing directly from the blog, if you use Google calendars, you can import the Aal around Aalborg calendar and see it through your calendar app. If you click on the “Agenda” tab in the top right-hand corner of the calendar, the separate entries are much easier to see. If you click on an individual entry, you will see the location of the event as well as text describing it and – crucially – whether it is free of charge or there is a price of admission. Almost all events I’ve posted for this weekend are free (if you count the shopping ones and don’t buy anything)…

I have done this to make it easier to have an overview of the different activities and happenings in Aalborg and to add events as they come to my attention. But I would be happy to go back to my previous format (text based in chronological order) if I get enough readers asking for that. Please let me know what you think! And enjoy perusing the many happenings in Aalborg this three-day weekend.

Aal around Aalborg: packed schedule this weekend, starting Thursday!

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And suddenly the calendar fills up with so many events, I can’t put them all on tonight. Instead I decided to write only about Thursday, and tomorrow I will add Friday and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What is so strange is that I don’t see any more Christmas markets on the list – but a rainbow of diverse interesting activities and events. So if you have no julefrokosts to attend this weekend, you have a huge range of other options. That’s rather comforting, isn’t it?

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