What is an a-kasse and how does it work? Essential info about unemployment insurance for those working in Denmark (and those nearing graduation!)

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Fotor0908121646So you have a job in Denmark…Congratulations! Half the battle (or more) has been won. After basking for a couple of days in the glory of securing employment here, however, it is well worth considering what happens if you lose that job. (Sorry to put a damper on things, but…) Unlike other European countries, Denmark does not have a government safety net for the unemployed (per se; see below). Rather, taking out unemployment insurance, provided by private associations, is a voluntary action. These insurance associations are called ‘a-kasse’, which is short for arbejdsløshedskasse. Here are some facts you should know about the system in order to have a safety net under you should you lose your job in Denmark through no fault of your own…

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