Aalborg Kommune daycare centers and childminders receive top marks for child care

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Photo courtesy of Aalborg Kommune's Facebook page (posted 28 May 2015)
Photo courtesy of Aalborg Kommune’s Facebook page (posted 28 May 2015)

Earlier this year Aalborg Kommune asked parents with children in the care of municipal kindergartens (børnehaver) and nurseries (vuggestuer) – together these two are called ‘daginstitutioner’ or daycare centers – and childminders (dagplejere, which are individuals licensed by the state to provide care to up to four children under three years of age in their home) about their satisfaction with their child’s care. Overall, 91% of parents reported being satisfied with their child’s care (50% were ‘very satisfied’ and 41% ‘satisfied’). The proportion of ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’ parents was very small – less than 3%. These results are fully in line with the positive study results from 2012. Across nearly all parameters, Aalborg’s results were better than the national average.

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