Find the best deals on financial services, insurance policies, and telecom/ISPs in Denmark via comparison site

Posted on Updated on logoWhen we moved from London to Switzerland in 2007, we had a sea of choices to make: which mobile phone company to go with, which Internet provider to use, which rental insurance to sign on with, among others. Combing through all of the information about services and providers would have taken us ages if we had had to go to each individual company’s website, gather the necessary details, compare them, and make a decision; luckily, however, there was a site that gathered it all for us in one place. The site was called and it made our lives very simple. We just entered our parameters, e.g. x minutes of talk time a month, x number of SMS, etc., looked at users’ reviews of the companies’ services, and bingo! We had a decision.

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What is an a-kasse and how does it work? Essential info about unemployment insurance for those working in Denmark (and those nearing graduation!)

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Fotor0908121646So you have a job in Denmark…Congratulations! Half the battle (or more) has been won. After basking for a couple of days in the glory of securing employment here, however, it is well worth considering what happens if you lose that job. (Sorry to put a damper on things, but…) Unlike other European countries, Denmark does not have a government safety net for the unemployed (per se; see below). Rather, taking out unemployment insurance, provided by private associations, is a voluntary action. These insurance associations are called ‘a-kasse’, which is short for arbejdsløshedskasse. Here are some facts you should know about the system in order to have a safety net under you should you lose your job in Denmark through no fault of your own…

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