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Greetings, dear readers, and happy new year! One fact of life that never ceases to amaze me is that just when I think it (life, be it daily, professional, personal, etc.) has reached some level of stability and I can safely plan out my week, something enters the fray to shake it all up. And that, as I have learned, can wreak havoc on plans to write blog posts. I was ready to devote 2-3 hours to this week’s Recent & Upcoming post when along came, oh, I don’t know, various communication activities that demanded my attention, unplanned child-related commitments, and other – but mostly communication-focused – tasks that have whittled my blogging time down to one hour. One hour. That means, basically, that I will get out only the events coming up this weekend before I have to go pick up my daughters. And I will have to add to the list when I have time this weekend. Hah! Time on the weekend! (Remember, there are other events coming up that I already reported on in previous posts. To get an overview, check out the Events Calendar!)


Monthly food market at Nordkraft tomorrow

Nordkraft hosts its monthly food market in the center’s main hall tomorrow, 10 January. Held every first Saturday of the month (except this month, given it was too close to the holidays), the market offers cheeses, breads, and a variety of other foods produced in North Jutland to sample and buy. Doors are open from 10:00 to 16:00.


artdreams3ArtDreams concert tomorrow at 18:00 – The potato peeling prince: A collaboration between Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and Musikkens Hus

The Ministry of Scarcity, birthday fairies, and peeled potatoes. Where does the prince enter the picture? If you want to know, then let yourself be infected by a new virus: ArtDreams 3! Come to the ArtDreams concert tomorrow, the 10th of January, at 18:00 in Musikkens Hus’ Intimsal. Full-time dreamers from the following schools – Nørholm School, Hobro Friskole, Aabybro Friskole and Sct. Mariæ Skole – will teach sad amateurs how to dream professionally. Everything is an experiment! There are still tickets available at Musikkens Hus’ ticket counter. Entrance is free but you must get a ticket in order to secure a seat in the small concert room. More information available here.


photographyAarhus: inspiration course for photographers – free!

Are you interested in photography and need inspiration? Then come to’s annual reception 2015. It takes place this Sunday, 11 January from 10:00 to 16:00 in Aarhus. There you will be able to listen to four photographers tell about their images, processes, and projects … and it’s free (but you have to pay admission to the Naturhistorisk Museum). Limited seats – first-served registration available here.


sambaDo you dream of sambaing at Aalborg’s Carnival parade?

Samba School Poco Loco is starting a new beginners samba course this Sunday, 11 January. Come and get a free trial lesson from 13.00 to 15.00 in 7. Sal in Nordkraft. If you want to try your hand at samba, this is clearly the place to be! For everyone between the ages of 15 and 89 years – bring your friends and girlfriends with you! Facebook event page here.


Interview with the artists next Tuesday at Nordkraft

At 17:00 on Tuesday, 13 January Kunsthal Nord at Nordkraft will host an interview with artists Morten Modin and Poul Baekhoej, who will pause in the middle of the installation of their exhibition and talk about the collaboration behind their show, the GENERATOR. The GENERATOR is an unusual artist clash between two very different generations and artistic outlooks. Bækhøj (b. 1942) and forty years younger Modin (b. 1981) were asked to challenge each other’s positions and together create a series of experimental and site-specific works for Kunsthal NORD. The event is free. Just show up.


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