Aal around Aalborg: lots of interesting stuff this weekend

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Universitarium.jpgSo it’s the calm before the storm: next weekend Aalborg will be FULL of people from outside the city, attending DGI-landsstævne, a once-every-four-years sport event for young Danes. I think this weekend is purposefully quiet as the city gears up for that. But there is actually quite a bit going on – and much of it is for children and families. My picks: the Viking market at Lindholm Høje (fascinating for both adults and children. We may complain about how life is today, but get a sense of how it was in the time of the Vikings and you will stop – or not!), opening of the Universitarium at the Main Library, the Let’s Play! interactive exhibit opening at Utzon Sunday, and the American beer tasting at CW Obels Plads. Oh – and then there are the Sankt Hans celebrations happening all over the kommune tomorrow evening. My list is only the beginning. So go the events calendar and check out everything listed on there for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Have fun!


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