Aal around Aalborg: turning it over to Flowland.dk this week…

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And so we trot along from Fastelavn to Valentine’s Day…And as I looked through the events I had saved to write about and compared them to the events Flowland.dk has posted on their ‘International‘ page, I realized that duplicating their efforts was a waste of time. They have gotten a lot better recently at capturing what might interest internationals here in Aalborg, and there is a long list starting with events today. Nearly all of the events they include on the ‘International’ page have an English description, although it is sometimes found below the Danish text. You can also wander on to their other pages, if you’re curious, and use Google Translate if the Danish is a challenge…

Here are a couple of ‘insider’ tips, though:

(1) the lovely play for children called “Når gaflerne danser” (When Forks Dance) at Nordkraft is sold out tomorrow. I was lucky enough to get 2 tickets and will report back, since it is playing through April.

(2) European Youth North Denmark is holding two back-to-back events – European Film Club and Introduction to Creative Writing – tomorrow, Saturday, 13 February at International House North Denmark from 13:00 to (probably) 17:00. See here and here for more info.

(3) I would like to highlight, even though Flowland covers it, the Valentine Quintet concert at Kunsten’s cafe Cafe Aalto from 15:00. This is a fantastic group of musicians (I know, because I have heard them), so the experience should be lovely. The event is free of charge, through the cafe. You can, of course, opt to pay entrance to the museum and see the exhibitions beforehand, however. Up to you! Here is more info.


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