La Casa Latina delivers flavours from across South and Central America to Aalborg

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[This week’s post is written by fellow Aalborg expat resident and guest blogger Fatima Freites Padron Kaser.]

Coffee roasterComing from South America, I always appreciate a good, fresh ground cup of coffee. Even though there are very nice coffee shops around Aalborg, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about this small place that sold coffee from South America and Mexico called “La Casa Latina.”

Having moved from California (Orange County) only 5 months ago, I have made a couple of friends that told me about a place where I could have a good coffee and get good rums and other liquors. That’s when I decided to go and pay a visit to “La Casa Latina,” which is, by the way, located very close to Aalborg Sprogcenter, where I currently take Danish lessons.

Rom El ProhibidoWhen I arrived and entered the shop, I was greeted by the aroma of fresh coffee, which on a cold day, smelled delicious. Immediately the owner, Ilma, came and welcomed me and, as I knew she spoke Spanish, we started talking. It turns out that she comes from Venezuela, just like me. Following the conversation with a nice cup of coffee and a little cup of rum, it was very “hyggelig.”

Ilma opened the shop in November 2012 and has brought Latin flavors to the Vestby area of Aalborg. She has been living here for more than 18 years, is married to a Danish citizen, and promotes new ethnic shops to Aalborg.

Around the store you can find coffee from Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil and Peru, and a nice roaster where you can find Ilma preparing coffee to be sold to local restaurants. She also sells some nice Latin American chocolates.

Rums, cigars, etcIn addition to coffee and chocolate, the shop carries a good variety of rums from Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Peru, Panama and Colombia as well as a small selection of wines from Argentina and Uruguay, Pisco from Peru, Cachaca from Brazil, and Tequila from Mexico. In the corner a glass case holds a good variety of Cuban Cigars or Habanos.

Since her shop opened, Ilma has had a few events at which she talked about the types of coffees you can find in Latin America, as well as the rum and the cigars (Romsmagning). They have hosted some local artists doing dances, playing Latin songs, and even showing a few Salsa steps. These events have proved to be very popular among the Aalborg community. They are given in Danish, but there is the possibility of holding events in English if non-Danish speakers participate. Staff members speak English, Spanish and Danish.

La Casa Latina is located at Kastetvej 35, 9000 Aalborg, DK. The shop phone number is 20 24 95 24 and email address is here.

For more information regarding the shop, you can visit their website and follow them on Facebook at La Casa Latina or on Instagram @sanchezkaffe. You can find out even more about Ilma at the La Casa Latina installation, which is part of Aalborg Main Library’s focus on ‘Multicultural Aalborg‘ through 28 March 2016.


fatima.jpgFatima was born in Venezuela, moved to Barbados, Wisconsin in the US to study English for a time, and then returned to Venezuela where she worked for international oil field contractors like Schulmberger and Otis/Halliburton for 20 years. She met her husband Ken while he was working in Venezuela. The couple have 3 children, two of whom live in the US and one who is in the Pre-IB program at Hasseris Gymnasium. Prior to moving to Denmark, Fatima and her family lived most recently in Huntington Beach, California, and Amsterdam. She studies Danish at Aalborg Sprogcenter, attends Elsk Aalborg’s International Thursdays, and  practices the art of felting. She is wearing one of her creations in this photo. 🙂




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