Aal around Aalborg: #EngangVarJegFlygtning exhibition, 80s and 90s music, board game night, free dance lesson, Det Hem’lige Teater looking for people who can speak English, and free performance of Tell me on a Sunday

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I have been away from this weekly post for many weeks now. Luckily for me this period was dominated by holidays, which are nice and relaxing, and when few people are interested anyway. It’s a quiet time of year right now – music events (mainly for university students) and numerous yoga classes abound but little else. Students are cramming for exams, and everyone else, I think, is holed up in their cozy candlelit homes, observing the cold outside from a place of warmth. Which is fine. Looking back to last year’s ‘Recent & Upcoming’ post the same week of January, there were also very few entries for the coming week. Here are a few highlights, however, that might interest you…

12347896_10156251201520231_5748284967504053968_n#EngangVarJegFlygtning exhibition in Kedelhallen at Nordkraft through 25 January

Remember when Facebook was flooded with pictures of people standing with a sign that  said, for example, “Today I am employed at the National Hospital. #EngangVarJegFlygtning “? The many photos of the campaign that were exhibited via social media can now be seen at Nordkraft through 25 January, thanks to 1000Fryd, which is sponsoring the exhibition here in Aalborg. The exhibition, whose purpose is to add nuance to the refugee debate and show how refugees contribute positively to the Danish society, will be shown throughout the country in different locations. Click here for more info.

Back 2 the 80s and 90s

Remember how radical the 80s & 90s were? Remember when music had a beat, lyrics, and funk? Remember Dial-up? Well if you do, head down to 1000Fryd and party on! Saturday, 16 January from 21:00. Free entry. FB event page here.

‘Kom og Dans Aalborg’ invites you to a free one hour swing and rock’n roll dance class Monday, 18 January

Kom og Dans Aalborg is a dance association where we dance swing and rock’n roll.
These types of dance can be learned by anyone. Just bring a pair of flat shoes, come in a good mood, and we will provide an enjoyable evening. We dance to have fun, get some exercise, and enjoy a lot of good music. We gather in a cozy, relaxed and social environment. The location is Kulturbroen Nørresundby and the time is 19:00 to 21:00. More info here (in Danish only.)

Free performance of ‘Tell Me on a Sunday’ at Musikkens Hus Monday, 18 January – in English!

It’s in English, but the text describing it is in Danish. Go figure. Anyway, it’s a 50-minute performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show starting at 19:30. And it’s free. As far as anyone can figure out, you just show up. One soprano and one pianist. I wish I could go…See Flowland’s description of the event here.

1933442_1656540211274707_6161658416752368427_o.jpgBoardgame Night at Nordkraft Tuesday, 19 January

There seems to be a sudden board game craze going on in Aalborg. Two new game cafés have opened/are about to open, Studenterhuset hosts several such events each year, and now Nordkraft is in on the fun. Here is their ‘spiel’ (haha! get it?):

Spilhylden would like to once again invite everyone to a free boardgame night at Nordkraft. Spilhylden (“The Game Shelf”) is a small group of boardgame enthusiasts whose mission is to spread the love of boardgames. We would like to invite you and your friends and family to our free boardgame event every other Tuesday in Keddelhallen at Nordkraft. We have more than 100 different games you can play for free and they include classics as well as completely new releases. If the idea of sitting down and reading a bunch of rules sounds intimidating, don’t worry. We have a small handful of “boardgame gurus” who will gladly help you find the perfect game for you and your friends – and even teach you the rules. You can come and go as you please between 17:00 and 22:00. Last time we had over 150 players (!), so we’re looking forward to seeing how many faces we’ll recognize this time. Azzurra has also been so kind to give all of our lovely guests 10% off everything in their restaurant. See you the 19th! More info here.

Information meeting at Det Hem’lige Teater next Tuesday, 19 January – opportunities for English speakers!

Do you have time and desire to act or otherwise contribute to theater? Come and hear about the possibilities – and what will be happening at Det Hem’lige Teater in the spring. See what is on the menu here. (Please note: this meeting is in Danish. I don’t actually know about all the opportunities at the theatre for those who do not speak Danish, but they do have an ‘audition’ notice on their website that asks whether you are good at English because they have been asked to do tours of Aalborg for an American cruise line. The tours will be conducted as if the passengers had been transported back to in Aalborg in the 1860s. The cruise ship will dock 14 times this year – and each time the theatre needs 5 actors for 5 wagons, 3 or 4 trips each time. There are no requirements regarding age or gender.) Here is the FB page about the meeting.

And for some other events…Flowland has a few others coming up that are described in English (and lots more described in Danish). For the ones in English, just click here – a couple upcoming documentaries at 1000Fryd, music, etc. I don’t see the point in duplicating their efforts so I decided to just provide the link for more info.





2 thoughts on “Aal around Aalborg: #EngangVarJegFlygtning exhibition, 80s and 90s music, board game night, free dance lesson, Det Hem’lige Teater looking for people who can speak English, and free performance of Tell me on a Sunday

    Bailey said:
    January 16, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    Glad you’re back! Looking forward to the game night if I can make it, and very much looking forward to future updates from Life In Aalborg 🙂

      sarahinjylland responded:
      January 16, 2016 at 1:04 pm

      Thanks, Bailey. Your message is very welcome. I appreciate it! 🙂

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