Aal around Aalborg: Aalborg Surreal, shops open til 22:00, Sysleværket, Christmas Tree Fest, Write for Rights, Fight Food Waste, and JuleByttemarked

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I have a julefrokost to attend this evening, so this post is short. A few activities happening in and around Aalborg, many related to the upcoming holiday season. A few good nuggets…

Friday, 11 December

aalborgsurrealAalborg Surreal is a platform through which artists can gain experience presenting and exhibiting their works for the public, while aiming to providing the people of Aalborg with an opportunity to fully explore, experience and discuss the alternative art scene. The opening remarks begin at 20:00. Entrance is free and the wine will be good. See you for an unforgettable evening at Ved Stranden 13, 9000 Aalborg! FB event page here and more information at our website: www.aalborgsurreal.dk.

Christmas Night tonight in central Aalborg. More than 300 shops will be open until 22:00, and you can find really good deals on this evening only. So if you still have shopping to do, take a walk through the pedestrian zone tonight! More info here.

Saturday, 12 December

Sysleværket is a design and crafts market where creative companies and individuals have the opportunity to sell their products and create direct contact with customers. As a guest at Sysleværket you will have the chance to hunt for artwork, clothing, jewelry, furniture, ceramics and the like; there will be something for everyone. This time we will also hold a flea market same time, same place. 11:00-15:00 at Ved Stranden 13, 9000 Aalborg. FB page here.

Christmas Tree Fest at Nordkraft tomorrow. Michael Back will sing and dance with the kids in the Christmas tree hall from 12:30 to 13:30. Playland in DGIHuset with trampolines, climbing wall and Parkour track from 12:00 to 15:00. Santa Claus arrives at 13:30 and will share healthy candy bags will all children. You must create a profile (for free) if you are not already in the DGI-Hset system. See here. Log in, choose a team list and then buy space in the event that you find under the December 12, using the calendar on the left. Several people can subscribe using the same profile and both children and adults have to pay admission. Help to create a new tradition! Price kr. 50, – pr. person or one clip per. person.There are a limited number of seats. See FB page here.

On Saturday 1000Fryd holds a Write for Rights Café on their premises. Here you can write letters to people that are prisoners of conscience, are victims of torture or in other ways have suffered human rights violations. Last year about 40 members took part in our write-a-thon. This time around you can write letters in, among other cases, that of young girls that are being forced into marriage in Burkina Faso. There is also the case of Albert Woodfox, who has been kept in solitary confinement in the United States for 40 years, and the case of Yecenia Armenta, who is now innocently detained after she was subjected to horrifying torture by the Mexican police. See the FB page here.

Sunday, 13 December

fight food waste.pngFight food waste and bring great food from the restaurants to homeless.
On Sunday “Too Good To Go” organizes an action all over Denmark where we will collect food from our partner restaurants and bring it to the shelters for homeless. We warmly invite you to join the action! Some nice food before Christmas, solidarity and fight against the food waste in one simple action. We have more then 100 restaurants and more are joining every day. You will makes someones day better, save great food from waste, get a nice T-shirt and be part of Denmark wide action. You can also support by buying a box of food for a homeless person for 20 kr -. The activity will take just 2-3 hours in the evening of 13.12. in all towns where we have “Too Good To Go” partner restaurants (there are a few in the Aalborg area). Most of the volunteers will be needed in the evening between 20:30 – 23:00, due to the closing time of the restaurants and shelters in the area where you will participate. We expect to have 2-3 people per group, but it can be adjusted to situation. This action is suitable for a group of friends, family or just nice people who will meet each other for the first time by joining a group in their area. Lots more details and info IN ENGLISH here.

byttemarked.pngThis Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00 the Danish Society for Nature Student Department in Aalborg invites you to their Christmas Swap Market at KUL in Nordkraft! 🙂 The Christmas Swap market will feature Christmas music, Christmas cheer and Christmas decorations for children – and of course, change of clothes, toys, things for the home or whatever else you have to spare – for free! Recycling is sustainable. Start collecting all your discarded stuff and come for a day when YOU can make a green difference. How does it work? You come with the functional stuff and the clothes you no longer use. Set your stuff out on the tables, and take what others have brought that you can use. 🙂 All surplus goes to the Red Cross.




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