Upcoming public debate and consultation about development of Skalborg area of Aalborg

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skalborgFor those who don’t know Aalborg well, Skalborg is an area in the southwest area of the city known for City Syd, a large shopping complex that houses Bilka, El Giganten, and the like. A bit farther south and you hit Ikea. In addition to the vast commercial area, the area is also home to a lot of Aalborg residents. It is accessible by public transport and bicycle, but via either of those options it’s a hike from the center, Vejgaard, or Aalborg Øst.

Well it seems Aalborg Kommune is interested in developing this ‘district’ of the city, and they would like to get the opinions and ideas of those who live, work, or otherwise have an interest in Skalborg. The Spatial and Environmental Committee (By- og Landskabsudvalget) decided on 28 May to go ahead with plans to undergo a ‘fordebat’ (‘pre-debate’ is the best translation I could come up with), which will begin with a public meeting on 9 June and end on 10 August 2015. During this period city officials will welcome from members of the public any suggestions and ideas that could be incorporated in future planning. After evaluation and processing of the submitted ideas and proposals, a draft will be drawn up for an urban development plan. This will then be submitted to public consultation for a minimum 8 weeks. Following that, an action plan will be created in order to implement the urban development plan.

Questions for debate
The following questions provide a starting point for the debate.

  • Are there any special conditions to be taken into account in planning the future Skalborg?
  • How do we create a ‘whole’ Skalborg?
  • How do we make Skalborg a better district?
  • What visions should guide the development of the future Skalborg?
  • Should Skalborg have its own “town center”?

You can send your input addressing one, some, or all of these questions (I’m going out on a limb here but I think they would welcome text in English if you’re not comfortable writing in Danish) before 10 August 2015 to plan.udvikling@aalborg.dk or this address:
By- og Landskabsforvaltningen
Plan & Udvikling
Stigsborg Brygge 5
9400 Nørresundby

Public meeting on Tuesday, 9 June 9 at 19:00
Come to the public meeting on the future Skalborg (in Danish) Tuesday, 9 June 9 from 19:00 to 21:30 in Agri Nord’s sports center (click here to see invitation.)

Questions may be addressed to Iben Steensbæk Andersen by email or phone 9931 2087.


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