Recent & upcoming: a few activities for families, Karneval run, groovin’ at 1000Fryd, 30 useful sites for living in DK, lounge space at Nordkraft

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This is a bit of a funny week. We have today off (Christ’s Ascension or Kristi Himmelfart) but tomorrow is a regular work day. Many, if not most, people take Friday off as well, though, and create a four-day weekend for themselves. As I was looking over my saved events in Facebook for the coming week and browsing through the Midt-Vest Avis, I was surprised to see few activities. Maybe few events are organized because a lot of people go out of town? The main activity – at least for families – is Saturday’s Børnekarneval, which is a very different procession than the one that will make its way up Vesterbro next Saturday (unless you’re joining in, escape while you can!). There’s also the Børneløbet for children on Sunday. Oh – and the ‘pole to pole’ exhibit at Aalborg Zoo. There will be more going on for others from next week, from what I can tell. Check back here next week! (Events Calendar has been updated.)


Undergroovin’ – Tunes from the past (70s and 80s), Karneval Edition at 1000Fryd

Tomorrow night, Friday, 15 May there will be an underground masquerade at 100Fryd. Maybe you have an outfit from last year’s Karneval that deserves to get out and dance once more. Or you already have your new costume ready for this year’s event. This is also an opportunity to just try something out and be somebody (or something) else for a night. By any beat necessary, set your creativity free! The program is Martin on fire! from 10pm – 12am and TCHIKA, Aalborg Student Radio from 12 to 2am. Entry is free so come dressed and ready to dance with money only for drinks! See the FB page for more info.


Children’s Karneval is the children’s party!

On Saturday morning, 16 May the children of Aalborg will take to the streets in a parade from Gabels Torv to Kildeparken with their kindergarten-mates, sports teams, and/or parents / grandparents. The parade ends up in Kildeparken, where there will be music, entertainment, and many other activities for the kids. Warm-up for the parade starts at 9:30 at Gabels Torv, when children will be able to greet the Carnival Princess 2015 and get in the carnival atmosphere. There will also be an opportunity for face painting, but you must show up early enough to get in line as this is a popular offer. The parade itself starts at 10:30, and children will be able to show off their costumes and dance along with the great carnival groups and happy children and adults. At Kildeparken there will be inflatables, an agility course, and many other fun activities. If you need a break from all that ‘wild’ stuff, visit the mobile library where you can relax on a beanbag and read a good story. It will also be possible to buy food and water there. To get into Kildeparken for the fun you must purchase an armband for 50kr (children under 2 are free). This can be done at the following places on the day: Føtex on Slotsgade, Kennedys Plads, Gabels Torv (where the parade begins), and at the entrance to Kildeparken (but note that there can be a long queue.)

Program at Kildeparken
11:30: Det Flyvende Kuffertcirkus (entertainment)
11:40: Dance Action (dance)
11:55: Vendsyssel Marimba Steelband (music)
12:20: House of Dance (dance)
12:40: Move Dancestudio (dance)
12:55: Rosa og Rødderne (music)
13:25: Hem´lige Børn (theater)
13:45: Fristedet (music)
14:00: MGP 2015
15.00: Conclusion

12:00 to 12:20 Hem’lig children (theater)
12:20 to 12:50 Moster Stjernestøv
12:50 to 13:05 Stomp with Prinsesse Linette
13:05 to 13:25 Moster Stjernestøv
13:25 to 13:40 Stomp with Prinsesse Linette
13:40 to 14:00 Michael Back

Facebook event page here.


Battle of the Karneval bands tomorrow in Kildeparken after Children’s Karneval ends

On Saturday, 16 May from 15:00 to 18:00 in Kildeparken, all participating groups (who were in a parade today, Friday, 15 May, which I managed to miss completely and utterly yesterday as I wrote this post) compete to become the “Best Carnival Group”. They are judged on their parade show as well as their stage show in Kildeparken. The carnival groups’ stage show at this event is a unique opportunity to experience the groups giving it their best in their attempts to win the honorable title of “Best Carnival Group.” Entrance to Kildeparken is free of charge during this spectacular show. If you missed the parade today, you can see a list of the bands and their descriptions here.


polar bearHoliday weekend (four days): From Pole to Pole at Aalborg Zoo

In 2015 Aalborg Zoo is participating in the European Zooforening EAZA’s campaign “pole to pole,” which is about global warming and the effect it has on wildlife at the poles. You can hear more about it from 14-17 May through an Aalborg Zoo exhibition in the Panthera building, which has been converted (temporarily) into an experimentarium. Here zoo employees will tell visitors about polar bears, arctic foxes, penguins, and other animals that are affected by global warming. There will also be a visit from Danish Solar Aps in Nørresundby, which will show how solar polar works, and the Danish Heat Pump Industry, which will explain geothermal energy. For children there will be a drawing workshop where one can draw their own climate animal.

11:00 to 15:30 – “Pole to pole” activities in the experimentarium
11:15 – Penguin feeding with focus on climate change
12:00 – Safari Simon entertains at the Zoofari scene
13:30 – Show with trained animals Zoofari scene
14:00 – Polar bear feeding with focus on polar bears and climate change
14:15 – Penguin Feeding with focus on climate change


Børneløbet 2015 on Sunday at 10:00

On Sunday, 17 May the annual Aalborg Børneløbet (Children’s Run) will take place at Ostre Anlæg from 10:00 to 11:00. Chilrdren can run the 1km route with their parents (or, if they’re old enough, by themselves.) They can also choose to run more than 1km. Registration closed on 30 April so if you didn’t make it in time, you can come and watch and join in the other fun that takes place in the park. It should be a lot of fun. We did it last year with our older daughter; this year, the younger one is joining in, too. See you there!


løbetKarneval runs next Wednesday

The annual Karneval race will precede the May 23 big parade on Wednesday, 20 May. The run is a costume run. Companies and sports clubs are invited to run in their ‘work uniform’ or a sports outfit. Prizes are awarded to the first three teams in each category. Additionally, a prize for the best costume is awarded. The run is free of charge. All you have to do is show up on the waterfront where both the start and finish areas are located. Beer, water and sandwiches will be available for purchase. More information available here on the official Karneval website.

This year the carnival run is divided into different classes and categories:

  • Men, Women, Gender mixed and Decorated pram/pushchair (for participants running with children.)
  • The children’s run (3-10 years and 11-14 years) is a 1000 m run, which starts at 17.00.
  • The adult’s run is a 3×2000 m relay race, which starts at 19.00.

Children’s races

17:00: Prams, strollers and carriages run 1,000 meters
17:30: Children group 3-7 years running 1,000 meters
17:30: Children group 8-12 years running 1,000 meters
18:00: Prize giving

Adults’ races
19:00: Mix runs 3 x 2,000 meters
19:30: Women run 3 x 2000 meters
20:00: Men run 3 x 2000 meters
21:00: Prize giving


30 useful websites for living in Denmark

Direct from Scandinavian Standard: ‘So, you think that your life in Copenhagen couldn’t get any better? Think again. Your life is about to get A LOT better. Weather info, language tools, shopping marketplaces and transport maps, we’ve got it covered. Bookmark them all and thrive!’ I think this post to their blog could be really helpful to a lot of readers. While it’s targeted at those in Copenhagen, most of the sites are not Copenhagen-specific or are adjustable to location so we can use them here in Aalborg.


norkraftNew lounge environment at Kedelhallen in Nordkraft

Nordkraft has a new lounge environment with seating on chairs, barstools, and cushions in the giant windows. Here you can consume a good book – or a little food and coffee from Azzurra, The Green Café, Biffen or Mumbai. For those who need to use their computers will find power outlets in the window sections, as well as free WIFI. Username and password for WiFi can be found on our info screens around the building. You can also challenge your friends, classmates, or colleagues to a fierce game of table football or table tennis. You can see more pictures from the new lounge environment in our Facebook group. The environment will be available for visitors as long as possible, but from time to time Kedelhallen will be busy during major events. Check out our calendar and see whether there is an event on the day you intend to visit Kedelhallen.


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