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Oh how glorious it is to look at Aalborg’s weather forecast and see sun after sun after sun! That is the current situation and I’m really hoping it isn’t a mirage or trick by Google to improve my mood. As spring kicks into gear, the urge to be outside grows and we are no exception – maybe a grill party is in order this weekend! 🙂 Several events happening this coming weekend/week, including the annual ‘dancing cows’ event and Research Day at Aalborg University Hospital, although that event seems to have been ‘adultified,’ unfortunately. Such a shame – last year’s event was a lot of fun for our older daughter. Anyway, please do not forget to check out the Events Calendar, as there are several events listed there that I covered weeks ago. Have a good one!

landscapes Landscape photography exhibit at VÆG Gallery opens today!

You are cordially invited to the opening of the new photography exhibition at VÆG entitled LANDESCAPES. We are pleased to present three artists who expressively speak through their lenses. No words – and yet at lot of meaning, emotions, ideas and visions. Photography is in the eyes of the beholder. Featuring: Allan Toft – “GREENHOUSES”, Jannick Børlum – “ICELAND” + Søren Rønholt – “ALMOST BLUE”. The exhibition opens today, Friday, April 17th 2015 – from 4 to 7pm. Some of the artists will be present. The exhibition is on view until May 16th, 2015. Check out the event FB page for more info.


Platform4 presents two indie rappers tomorrow night

Two indie rappers will perform at Platform4 tomorrow night, Saturday, 18 April from 20:00. Mundo de Carlo and Boone & Trepac, both from Copenhagen, will take to the stage to provide an evening of entertainment for the crowd. Entry price is 40 kr. The FB event page is here in case you’d like more information about the bands and the venue.


Cows to ‘dance’ out of the barn this Sunday – it’s ‘øko dag’ in Denmark!

This Sunday, 19 April is ‘Øko Day’ in Denmark – the day on whichokodag_ny_ko_og_txt cows raised on organic farms are let out to graze in the fields after a long winter in the barn. Everyone is invited to come and see ‘the cows dance’ with joy as they take in the fresh air, sun and taste of spring. More than 193,000 Danes pulled on rubber boots and visited the organic cows last year. Participating farms will offer tastings of organic dairy products and plenty of opportunities to see, hear, taste, touch and experience how they do things. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a fun and educational experience on an organic farm, where you can ask questions and get answers from those who know organic farming the best – the farmers. The festivities officially start at 10:00 and end at 14:00 but cows are released from the barn at precisely 12:00; some farms, however, offer other opening hours – remember to check the farm’s website before you leave home and don’t forget your rubber boots and, for children, rain gear (we ran into trouble a couple of years ago when our daughter fell into a mud puddle almost up to her waist!). You can find the farms closest to Aalborg here, which is a page on the event’s general website.


Car trunk market this Sunday – this time at Aalborg Storcenter

In case you missed last week’s sale, would you like to sell used things out of the back of your car this Sunday, 19 April? Or buy the things others are offering? If so, come to Bagagerumsmarked Aalborg at Aalborg Storcenter, which takes place this weekend, 24 May and 7 June. The sale is from 9:15 to 15:15 and it takes place in Aalborg Storcenter’s parking lot. I’ll put it up on the Events Calendar for the next 3 months…


Yet another sale on Sunday – this time at Studenterhuset

A room filled with old clothes, new clothes, children’s clothing (women’s) shoes, junk, medieval things, subversive books and magazines, used CDs and vinyls. And all at student-friendly prices. That’s Bazar’o’Rama this Sunday, 19 April. We throw a little chilled music into the mix, and what cures hangovers better than a good time on Sunday shopping? Free entry. From 11:00 to 15:00. FB page here.


Talk about women artists at Kunsten To Go (at Aalborg Station) next Tuesday

In this talk, on Tuesday, 21 April from 17:00 to 18:30, Kunsten focuses on important female artists from its own collection, in connection with 2015, which is the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Denmark. The lecture zooms in on specific works by female artists. Questions like: “Can you tell when a work of art is made by a woman?” And “Are male artists better than females?” will be posed as we try to uncover some answers in a discussion of sex and gender. Niki de Saint Phalle, Julie North, Berit Jensen and Kirsten Justesen are among the artists that will be highlighted in the lecture. Lecturer: Caroline Nymark Zachariassen. Location: Aalborg Station. It’s free to join. Registration is not required. However, please note that the lecture is in Danish! Here’s the FB page.


Group Of Friends Sharing A Lot Of Cakes And PastriesThe trick to falling into conversation – a potluck tea party

Attn: Danish language students – this could be a very interesting way to practice your Danish! You know what it’s like, right? You go to a party where you know no one or you’re going on a course where you do not know any of the other students. How can you strike up a conversation in a way that feels natural? How can you start talking with someone you have not met before? Get some answers to these questions and help becoming a conversationalist next Thursday, April 23 from 19:30 to 21:30 at Aalborg Main Library. Michael Mansdotter is manager of the cultural center Trekantent as well as a trained actor. He will make sure that everyone is entertained, warmed up, and improves at ‘falling into conversation’ over the two hours. So bring a cake for the buffet – the library will provide coffee and a festive atmosphere in the Glashjørnet area of the Main Library. Over coffee and cake, you also get the opportunity to test the new concept “conversation salon,” where you and your conversation partner each pull a slip of paper with a topic and use it to start a conversation. The event is free and requires no registration.


Billede_forskningshjemmeside2Research Day at Medicinerhuset

Some of you might remember an event last year for families at Aalborg Hospital South called Research Day. In my opinion, it was a fantastic way to introduce hospitals, illness, and injury to children in an unthreatening way. This year it seems that Aalborg University will open their doors again for an event called Research Day but this time it’s not for children. The time and day were the first indication they had changed the event – it’s next Thursday, 23 April from 17:00 to 20:00. Dinner and bedtime, in other words. Second, they have played it down – no big advertising that I could find. Third, it’s centered on lectures, quizzes and tests. So in case you’re not getting enough of those things in daily life, this event is for you! No, seriously – it could be quite interesting. But not for children. Free entry; IN DANISH (from what I can tell). Medicinerhuset is located at Mølleparkvej 4 in Aalborg. Click here for more information about the event.


Sign-up deadline 30 April for Aalborg’s Children’s Run (Børneløbet)

Remember to sign up for AalborimageGen.ashxg’s annual Children’s Run, which will take place Sunday, 17 May at Ostre Anlæg at 10:00. A route of 1 km has been drawn up for the run and children ages 0 to 10 can take up to an hour to complete the course. Cost of participation is 85 kr. + 12 kr. fee if you sign up by 30 April; parents are welcome to run with their children for free. Race officials will distribute a number to each participating child and goodie-bags will be given out at the finish line. Click here for more information or check out the event’s FB page.


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