Find the best deals on financial services, insurance policies, and telecom/ISPs in Denmark via comparison site

Posted on Updated on logoWhen we moved from London to Switzerland in 2007, we had a sea of choices to make: which mobile phone company to go with, which Internet provider to use, which rental insurance to sign on with, among others. Combing through all of the information about services and providers would have taken us ages if we had had to go to each individual company’s website, gather the necessary details, compare them, and make a decision; luckily, however, there was a site that gathered it all for us in one place. The site was called and it made our lives very simple. We just entered our parameters, e.g. x minutes of talk time a month, x number of SMS, etc., looked at users’ reviews of the companies’ services, and bingo! We had a decision.

When we moved to Denmark in 2012 this type of site did not exist. We had to ask around for recommendations from people we barely knew, make awkward calls that always began with ‘May I speak English?’, and hope we were making the right choice. Now, however, a website similar to exists in Denmark. It is called and it provides the information you need to buy a product or service – or switch services. The services and products they compare are broadband, mobile phone subscription plans, A-kasse (unemployment insurance – see my previous post on this), car insurance, car loans, consumer loans, credit cards, and high interest-bearing accounts.

There are Danish websites that already provide comparisons of one specific service ( and compare insurance policies; compares banks’ services; compares…you guessed it: broadband; and compares mobile subscription plans) – but none covers all of the services compared on Per their website,’s vision is ‘to become the leading and most comprehensive online portal to compare products and services in the financial, insurance and internet sectors.’

The interface is simple – using a slide bar, you choose, for example, how much money you want to put into an interest-bearing account and for how long you wish to leave it in the account and the site then provides the various options in order of return, e.g., at the top of the current list, 1.80% for a three-year investment of 330,000 kr. at vestjyskBANK for a total gain of 18,143 kr. Or, to compare mobile subscription plans, you tell the site how many hours you talk on average per month, how much data you use on a monthly basis, and whether you require a non-binding contract – and the best deals are then listed below in order of price. The site includes the essential information; I think the site would benefit from customer reviews similar to those that provides, however. That said, I think this type of information takes time to gather and could be made available on the site in the future. An alternative, for those looking for this information, is, where people rate companies whose products or services they have bought. can provide their service for free to consumers because their business model is based on commission: for each customer the site refers to a certain provider, the provider pays a fee. This could be either a fixed amount or percentage, depending on the agreement the company has with Companies that offer competitive prices are eager to be included in comparisons; those that choose not to be are presumably those that are more expensive than the competition, would end up at the bottom of a person’s search, and are therefore afraid to be included in a comparison. is less than a year old. Founded in 2014 by Rasmus Preuthun Carlsen, the company is based in Copenhagen and belongs to a worldwide comparison website consortium called Compare Group Global, which provides a similar service in 10 countries worldwide. A representative with whom I spoke told me that’s priority is to provide the best possible service to consumers – to be open, give them an overview of the market, and make it easy for them to make decisions. Their ongoing aim is ‘to make all of our services work faster so the users will have a much more fluent experience when using the site.’

At this point is only available in Danish; however, they welcome inquiries via phone and email in English. They are well aware that English-speaking residents (as well as people preparing to move to Denmark) would like to be able to access the site in English and are working hard to get service in English up and running. The representative I talked with told me that they ‘will start making video guides within the next three weeks. The guides will focus on how to use the site and explanations of different keywords. An English version of the site will probably be up and running within 2-3 months.’ [UPDATE: As of August 2016, they still don’t have any info on their website in English. However, the customer service rep I talked to on the 4th of this month switched to English without an issue and I was able to discuss all details with him.]

I wish the site had existed when we moved here. When I plugged in my requirements for a mobile subscription plan today, I was happy to find out that I already had the best deal for my needs. About that broadband provider we have, however…

Post script: I entered my zip code and phone number in the website to find out if we had the best deal on our broadband subscription. After entering my info, including speed needed, I discovered that our ISP was perhaps not the least expensive available. However, I put it out of my mind when I closed my computer to go make dinner. This evening I got a call from Betina at to discuss my options. After asking me some questions about the number of people using broadband in our home, where we live, whether we are satisfied with Internet through the telephone line or prefer fiber cable-based Internet service, and how much we’re currently paying, she concluded that our subscription IS, actually, a very good deal. We could, perhaps, save 20 kr. a month but it probably wouldn’t be worth switching, especially because we also get TV through the same company. I appreciated her honesty. We went on to chat about the challenges facing foreigners who settle in Denmark and know little to nothing about how to select an ISP. She said that in some cases landlords essentially bully renters into signing up with a certain provider because it’s the one the ‘building prefers,’ even if it’s an expensive option, and the residents, not knowing better and eager to have Internet, go ahead with it. She tries to help people in these cases if they have the gumption to question their landlord’s ‘recommendation.’ I have to say I had a much better feeling about the company after talking with her…

Post script #2 (04 August 2016): I just used Samlino to check out mobile phone service options again. I have been an Oister customer since we moved to Denmark and experienced no problems with it in Aalborg, but at my office in Viborg I have almost no signal. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look at the possibilities. After putting my phone number in on the Samlino site, I entered some other details to indicate what kind of plan I would like (how many minutes of talk time, how many gigs of data, etc.). The interface is relatively user friendly, but I still wasn’t sure after fiddling with the parameters whether I should stick with Oister (one of the cheapest alternatives) or switch to another. There are no options for ‘strength of signal.’ I put my search and decision on hold…

This morning I received a call from Justin at Samlino, who asked if I wanted some help making a decision. I figured what the heck and told him the situation. He asked how much I use my phone and whether I have any issues with Oister, and I explained to him the above. With my permission (and after sending me a code via SMS that only I had access to), he accessed my Oister account online and could see my precise phone use. It turns out I need very little from a mobile provider – I don’t use my phone that much. He also clarified that Oister uses the 3 network, which works well in the big Danish cities, but Viborg is not one of those. Call Me, another provider, uses the Telia/Telenor network and he told me I could get their ‘Little Me’ package (a plan designed, in fact, for children – again, I don’t use my phone a lot) for the same price and have a better signal throughout the country.

He took care of all the details, including transferring my number. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable, and I’m pleased with the service he provided. My switch to Call Me starts 1 September…


3 thoughts on “Find the best deals on financial services, insurance policies, and telecom/ISPs in Denmark via comparison site

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    Connor Kernochan said:
    July 15, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Great work here, I had the same experience with their excellent customer service

      sarahinjylland responded:
      July 16, 2016 at 3:58 am

      That’s great, Connor. Thanks for commenting!

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