Recent & upcoming: music, art, theatre, children at the library, Christmas-free zones, and a LOT of news

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Take-Some-Peace-On-This-Day-This is my last post of the year. We will celebrating Christmas with family in Germany and while I could write about Aalborg from outside the city, it doesn’t feel quite right. I am also ready for a break and a lot less screen time. I hope you understand. However, I leave you with some events coming up (albeit most of them after the new year) and a LOT of news relevant to this area. Enjoy the holiday season, no matter whether/how you choose to spend it, and see you here after the new year, when I’ll be posting about anew free legal assistance service that has recently opened in the city. Stay tuned! 🙂


‘Rare’ art exhibit through tomorrow at Nordkraft

There is Norwegian-Danish exhibition going on at Kunsthal Nord at Nordkraft until tomorrow, 20 December. Called ‘Rare’ (Rart), the exhibition features artists Elisabeth Haarr (N), Barbro Raen Thomassen (N), Ann Mai Lunde Røge (DK) and Marianne Rønnow (DK). Their works explore the relationship between art and the meanings of the word ‘rart.’ “Rare, precious, Super” is the original, common meaning of the word “rare” in Norwegian, Swedish, German, and old Danish. In modern-day Danish the word refers to something comfortable and cozy, something that can arouse a feeling of pleasure and joy. The word’s meaning in Norwegian includes the strangeness, the rare and the oddly wonderful. Thus, the exhibition, with its ambiguous title, offers different expressions of what art is and can be.


Last chance to see Alice in Wonderland this Sunday

Alice in Wonderland (‘Alice i Eventyrland’) has been playing at Aalborg Theater for the last several weeks and it is evidently a big hit (5 stars from all the local media). Your last chance to take the children is this Sunday, 21 December at 13:00. Family tickets (2 adults/2 children) cost kr. 470 / 570. Visit this web page for more information, including ticket sales.


Christmas-free zones

I can imagine that, despite the pretty lights and accessible shop hours this time of year, some people are growing a bit tired of the relentlessness of the Christmas theme that pervades everything. If you are one of those people, have no fear! Visit Aalborg has created a web page on their site dedicated to places you can go to ‘get away from Christmas.’ Ideas include a day fishing on the Limfjord, a walk to and around Østre Anlæg, a movie at Biffen in Nordkraft, and many others. Click here for inspiration if you are feeling more ‘bah humbug’ than ‘merry Christmas.’


Multi-music New Year celebration

Aalborg is ready for New Year’s Eve. Touch of Africa & DJ Cobra invite you to their big New Year bash starting at 22:30 on 31 December and continuing through 5am the next day. House DJs Tresor Amani, from Sweden, and Cobra, from Aalborg, will spin tunes including Afrobeat, dancehall, reggae, Azonto, Coupe decale, hip hop, R&B and much more. Fireworks will explode at midnight, and lots of diverse drink options as well as samosa and mandazi will be served. You can reserve a VIP table for up to 5 people for only 700 kr., which includes a bottle of liquor and 2 liters of Coca Cola. Entrance to the party is 50 kr./person. The location is Høloftet, Øster Sundby Vej 15, 9000 Aalborg. For V.I.P. reservations call: 31 14 86 67 / 31 76 58 85. Facebook event page here.


Several events for children coming up in January at the library

Play with film event for children ages 3 to 6 on Wednesday, 14 January (9:30-10:30). We must see movies with all our senses. We must listen, see, think, fantasize, and play movies. We begin in the soft cinema chairs and go down and continue playing in the children’s library. Which film we will see is a surprise! Free to attend but registration is necessary. Click here for more info.

Lego workshop for children Wednesday, 14 January (10:00-12:00). With a large pile of LEGOs Aalborg library offers a day of creativity. With a myriad of options when the blocks need to be put together, LEGOs offer hours of cozy, fun, creative and experimental play that fosters imagination and contemplation. LEGO is a unique toy that supports children’s development and ability to think creatively. In addition to strengthening children’s motor skills, LEGOs promote the acquisition of important values like job satisfaction, patience, and the ability to cooperate. We put LEGO blocks in the center and invite children to play with LEGOs for two hours and construct the coolest characters, vehicles, machines, buildings. Free to attend but registration is necessary. Click here for more info.

stomp_600STOMP workshop for children ages 4 to 10 on Saturday, 17 January (11:00-12:00). We will play with tubs, buckets, brooms, water bottles, cans, newspapers, and/or…We will rap and sing, jump and swing. It’s fun, it’s unifying, and it is rewarding. STOMP instructor Linette Riber is a graduate of the conservatory and has been living in Rio de Janeiro, rhythm’s stronghold. She does workshops throughout the country for all age groups from directors to kindergartens. Come and strike a blow that day at the Main Library. We will meet in the Arcade at the entrance to the Main Library – remember warm clothes. Free to attend but registration is necessary. Click here for more info. Read more about Linette Riber or see her on YouTube.


19-hour Youth Music Festival at AKKC in mid-January

Ungdomsringens Musikfestival will hold again Europe’s largest and coolest Youth Music Festival in mid-January 2015. Come and rock to punk, rock, rap and unplugged for 19 hours of non-stop music on 10 stages at Aalborg Kongress & Kultur Center. There will be 260 bands from all over Europe. Entrance is free. Doors open on Friday, 16 January at 18:00. Click here for the Facebook event page.


Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Orchestra concert at Utzon Center 29 January 2015

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen is a Danish bass player. He has received much praise for his work as both composer and instrumentalist. In recent years, he has toured many countries, including Ecuador, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Morocco, and across Europe. “Since I started to travel around the world it has become clear to me how important it is to maintain my Danish heritage. Being Danish is something special and I try to live that in my music. I want my music to sound like the quiet snowy woods and Viking roars.” The concert will be comprised of new compositions by Kenneth. The band accompanying him come from all over the world and are hand-picked by the composer himself. The concert on Thursday, 29 January starts at 20:00 and tickets are 100 kr./person. Click here for more information on FB and tickets here.



Dual citizenship is now reality in Denmark

The dual citizenship law was officially passed in the Danish Parliament yesterday. With a vote of 89-19, the act passed with flying colours (minus the support of the Danish People’s Party and the Conservatives). Here is an article about it (in English) in yesterday’s Local and another in the Copenhagen Post. The law will go into effect on 1 September, 2015. You can read about the development of this historic vote in my post on the subject.


immunizationTemporary vaccination program for children ends on 31 December 2014

With the new year comes the end of the temporary change in Denmark’s childhood immunization program. For most of 2014 children who were immunized according to the national immunization program received a temporary vaccine in connection with the usual 3, 5 and 12 month immunizations. This temporary vaccine included one against hepatitis B and was administered due to production problems with the polio vaccine.

What does this mean for you and your child?

As of 1 January 2015 the usual polio vaccines will be available once again. Below you can see how you should act.

Children who begin the childhood immunization program after 1 January 2015

These children will be vaccinated with the usual vaccines from SSI (State Serum Institute). They will not be offered the temporary vaccine, which also vaccinated against hepatitis B.

Children who have received at least one vaccination this year, including the temporary vaccine

Children who received the temporary vaccination in 2014, which included the immunization against hepatitis B, will be offered the complete series of hepatitis B vaccinations through the end of 2015 (a hepatitis B series equals a total of 3 vaccinations).

Are you unsure?

If in doubt, we recommend that you contact your healthcare provider or doctor. Here is more information from the kommune about it (in Danish).


1911909_10153811003650257_1856749885_nCongratulations to Musikkens Hus!

Musikkens Hus has been named one of two ‘buildings of the year’ by the magazine Byggeri, published by the Danish Construction Association. “Denmark needs several buildings like Musikkens Hus in Aalborg. The house was built to be a cultural beacon and dynamo for a region, which has a long term risk of marginalization. Both by virtue of the activities and the significant architecture, citizens of the area got a house to gather around and be proud of,” stated the selection committee. The committee consisted of a number of construction professionals with architect Scott Hollingsworth of Hollingsworth Pack Corporation as their chairman. Musikkens Hus was chosen as the winner in the open category, shared by Gentofte Recycling.


Male jobseekers – do you enjoy spending time and playing with children? Then here’s a clear opportunity for you!

Only 4% of pedagogs (caregivers) in Aalborg municipality’s day care centers (børnehaven) are men. And in the municipal nurseries (vuggestue) there are no males employed as caregivers. These are deplorable figures. Research shows that it is important to a child’s development for that child to meet a variety of adults on a daily basis, including people of both genders. To address this, UCN held educator training last Tuesday to attract more men to the caregiving profession. [Blogger’s personal note: Our elder daughter had a male caregiver at her nursery in Switzerland between the ages 18 and 36 months. She now has a male teacher and several SFO/DUS caregivers who are men. We think this has really been good for her because she otherwise meets very few men other than her father on a daily basis.] So if you like children, you are a man, and you are looking for an interesting career path, get over to UCN and explore your options! Here is the website to get you started.


Good news for cyclists in Aalborg!

Aalborg has gotten more than a third of the Danish Parliament’s (Folketing) pool of a 40 million kroner budget dedicated to strengthening the conditions for cyclists in the country. The money will go to better bicycle parking in the center of the city, as well as the “Cultural Bridge Aalborg” (kulturbro) project. The project establishes the bi-directional bicycle and pedestrian path on the side of the existing railway bridge that binds Nørresundby and Aalborg West together over the fjord. Read more about the funding here.


Early self-service mornings extend to Aalborg library branches

The self-service hours at the Main Library in central Aalborg have been a great success among the citizens of Aalborg, so the library is now extending opening hours at virtually all municipal libraries with an extra hour in the morning. From January 2015 you can visit any library from 8:00 on weekdays. Simply remember your yellow Health Insurance Card to swipe and gain access. There are two exceptions: Haraldslund Library and Trekanten follow the opening hours of the facilities in which they are located. “The citizens of Aalborg have taken to the self-service hours at the main library so we made the logical decision to unify the business hours of the other libraries, so that people who visit the branches also have the opportunity to enter earlier in the morning,” said Library Director Bodil Garden.

Attention international jobseekers in Denmark!

The Local, an online paper for international residents of Denmark, is launching a jobseeker column. Send in your questions and get answers (hopefully) on the topics that are most relevant to you as you navigate the job search world in this country. More information available here.


Have you ever met a moose?

From 2016 you will get the opportunity, when a dozen moose are set free in Lille Vildmose within a 2,100 acre fenced habitat. The moose will replace chainsaws and power as part of the restoration of Lille Vildmose. That brings the moose back to Denmark after 5,000 years. Would you like to meet them face to muzzle when they arrive? Here is an article (in Danish) about the project.


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