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Hello everyone. Happy Friday. There is a big difference between this week’s R&U and the past two weeks’ editions: the Julemarked machine in Aalborg appears to have run out of steam (at least a bit). That’s not to say that there are not some nice, cozy Christmas markets out there at which to sip mulled wine and eat æbleskiver (funny, no? we can translate ‘gløgg’ or ‘glühwein’ rather seamlessly but replace the Danish word for those little round dough balls with ‘fritters’ and it conjures up a whole other image…I digress) but the main rush appears to be over. (FYI – the biggest outdoor Christmas market in Aalborg is at Gammel Torv and you can find the opening times here.) There are still a lot of events to attend – and I’m pretty sure I’m not doing the city justice, as I vaguely recall mentions of choral concerts here, and other art-related events there. Please bear with me and know that I’ve captured as many as I could. Have a nice weekend – and get out there and enjoy the bit of sun forecast for tomorrow! 🙂 The Events Calendar is now updated.

And please remember today’s deadline for commenting on my one-year anniversary post. If you add a message at the end of the post by 17:00 you’ll be entered in the drawing for a 100 kr. gift certificate to Penny Lane! WINNER ANNOUNCED FRIDAY EVENING: NICOLA! CONGRATULATIONS!


KunstenExhibit of Peter Callesen’s white paper sculptures starting today at Kunsten’s temporary Aalborg Station home

Like a true magician Peter Callesen transforms blank pieces of paper into beautiful works of art and funny stories. Almost out of nowhere motifs and figures arise from the paper, and a new, white world appears. Today’s exhibit opening features a poetry slam by Mads Bjergen, as well as introduction to the artist himself. Entry is free. The event begins at 15:00. See more information here. The exhibit runs through 18 January 2015.


Christmas at Trekanten

trekantent_christmasThe Christmas spirit has arrived at Trekanten, which invites everyone to their traditional Christmas party tomorrow, December 6 from 10:00 to 14:00 for the whole family with music at the center of the festivities. They have hired Michael Back and his band, and guests will enjoy singing and dancing to the Christmas carols they play. After all the music Santa Claus will visit with a bag full of Christmas goodies and Christmas cheer. Throughout the day there will also be a Christmas market and arts and crafts. Entry is free. For more information, click the organisation’s event web page.


Short film film festival tomorrow

banner4Attention all movie lovers and people who just like watching TV! If you have a couple of hours tomorrow, Saturday, December 6 before yet another julefrokost, come to the Couchfest Film Festival, or what MovieMaker Magazine calls one of the “top 5 coolest short film festival in the world.” Couch Fest is a cozy shorts film fest that brings world-class short movies out of the cinema and into non-traditional venues like living rooms, boats, community centers, and more. Meet your neighbors and see the best short films of the year. The event is from 15:00 to 18:00 (films start playing at 16:00) and it is FREE. Location: Jordnøddegade 8, Aalborg (it’s at the harbour – look for a ferry/boat, say the organisers). There will be drinks available for purchase at the bar but you are also welcome to bring a hot cup of coffee or a cold beer with you. The festival originated in Seattle and is taking place in about 25 cities all over the world on the same day. You can read more about it here or here 


Condoms and mulled wine for free tomorrow 

Tomorrow, Saturday, 6 December from 11:00 to 15:00 AAU medical students will be on the pedestrian street in front of Salling passing out free condoms and mulled wine to passersby. As volunteers of the organisation IMCC, they will be participating in an initiative called Sexekspressen Aalborg. The goal of the event is to spread information about sexual health and the importance of educating youth about the topic.


Monthly food market at Nordkraft tomorrow

Nordkraft hosts its monthly food market in the center’s main hall tomorrow, 6 December. Held every first Saturday of the month, the market offers cheeses, breads, and a variety of other foods produced in North Jutland to sample and buy. Doors are open from 10:00 to 16:00. It is possible to get a tour of the market, incl. cake and coffee, tomorrow for 85 kr. The tour starts at 14:00.


Frozen Grave Fest at Byens Rum

frozen grave festAre you a heavy rock and metal fan? Then you might be interested in the Frozen Grave Fest, which takes place from 19:00 tomorrow, Saturday, 6 December to 1:00 am the following day at Byens Rum, Hørfrøgade 4, Aalborg (seemingly just a block from the Couch Film Festival – if you’re into short films and heavy metal, you won’t have to walk far to attend both events). Sturmtiger from London, Rise of Kronos from Hjørring, Chronicle from Miami, and Disintegrated from Haderslev will all make appearances. Beer can be purchased on site. Entry is 20kr for members of Open Grave Rock & Metal Society or 50kr, which includes membership. More information available on the event FB page.


Improv comedy at Studenterhuset on Tuesday, 9 December

Have you ever watched improv comedy? It’s a form of comic performance that requires those on stage to make up their lines and skits as they go – and be funny while doing it. I’ve watched my share over the past 20 years: my brother trained at Improv Olympic and Second City in Chicago and worked in Amsterdam for nearly two years as a professional improv actor. Trust me when I say that hilarity and laughter ensue when the chemistry between performers is good. On Tuesday, 9 December at 20:00, Studenterhuset hosts the Improv Club, a show with games that the comedians will improvise along the way and for which the audience will largely set the agenda. No one knows how it will end. But you can be sure of one thing… there is lots of love in the air. Host: Christian Bols.


Fashion Reuse flea market 9 December

From 16:30 to 20:30 on Tuesday, 9 December a Fashion Reuse second hand market will take place at Skydebanevej 25, Aalborg (not far from Marina Fjordparken). There is free parking on site; bus 13 goes right past the entrance. The focus of the flea market is clothing, shoes, games, DVDs, decorations and other items . Entry is free. If you would like to sell items, rather than buy, call 25795758 to book a stand (150 kr.).


Om:form hosts musical trio on Monday, 10 December

Om:form (a cultural event organiser?) is hosting a unique concert next Monday, 10 December featuring Nordjyske singer Mary May Love and her American colleague Dave Scher, accompanied by a drummer, and inspired by the Christmas season. The organisers encourage you to leave gift-buying panic at home and come aboard to enjoy this unique concert with a cup of hot mulled wine from 19:00 to 22:00. Entry is 30kr/person. Location: Jordnøddegade 8, Aalborg (it’s at the harbour – look for a ferry/boat, say the organisers). Find more information here.


Last international night at Studenterhuset on 10 December

The last event of this season is Gløgg Night. Next Wednesday, 10th of December gløgg will be served in the Studenterhuset café. Come and taste some in order to get in the Christmas mood! See you there! FB event page here.


i-Life Christmas event 11 December

The beautiful Yuletide and the hope of an enchanting Winter Wonderland are upon us. The Intercambio Programme and I-Life would like you to celebrate Christmas with them from 19:00 on Thursday, 11 December at Studenterhuset. Join the groups for an exciting, jointly organised evening in the true spirit of the season: “Julehygge,” traditional Christmas food and beverages, Christmas games, and perhaps a few elves in red hats? The MO for the night is “potluck dinner”- everybody brings a traditional dish from their own country or culture. They hope to end up with a lavish international buffet so that everyone can taste something new and different. During the night, guests will also play a round of “pakkespil,” which is an established Danish Christmas tradition. Please bring a small, wrapped gift (of no more than DKK 20 in value) if you would like to take part. Christmas decorations or outfits in any shapes or sizes are also very welcome 🙂 See here for more information.


Christmas Swap Market on 13 December

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation – Student Department (DN-SA) most visited event has now arrived in a Christmas edition! On Saturday, December 13 between 10:00 and 15:00 you are invited to the organisation’s Christmas Swap Market at KUL Café in Nordkraft. They will offer Christmas music, atmosphere, cakes, and decorations for the smallest visitors – and, of course, exchanges of clothes, toys, things for the home, or whatever else you have to spare – for free! So collect all your unneeded or unwanted items and look forward to the day – when YOU can help to make a green difference.

The idea is simple, but the effect is huge! DN-SA is committed to recycling, which protects our nature and environment. According to the statistics, we in Denmark dispose of 600kg of waste per person every year, and we need to make a joint effort to reduce this. If we recycle something that is still functional instead of discarding it, pollution will be reduced. We spare nature the unnecessary extraction, processing, production, transportation, sale and disposal of new goods that otherwise would fill in for the functional discarded ones. It is good, it is beneficial, it is environmental friendly- and it is cheap! At the last swap market more than 800kg of things and stuff found new owners.

How does it work? At the swap market, the things you bring will be divided into different categories, so that they will be easily found by other participants according to their interests. After giving your things in you can go hunting for things that interest you. If you find something you need or like you can take it home without paying anything. When the day is over  there are often things left over. These will be donated to local second-hand shops. You are also very welcome to buy organic coffee, tea and soft drinks in KUL Café. Event FB page here.


Come make birdseed balls and pinecone treats for your feathered friends at Halkær Mølle Nature Center!

The birds in our gardens need our help to make it through the winter. Therefore, Halkær Mølle Nature Center invites you to their premises on Saturday, December 13 at 13:00 to make ‘birdseed balls’ together for our feathered friends. How it works: a blob of fat is melted in a pan and while the fat is still in liquid form, it is mixed with birdseed – a gourmet meal for the winged creatures. While the fat is cooling and solidifying, visitors will go for a walk in nature by the old watermill. Along the way you will learn about the interesting nature and history of the area, which goes back many hundreds of years. Another exciting way to create decorative bird food will begin in the forest. There you will collect big, beautiful pine cones, smear them with a thick layer of peanut butter ,and roll them in birdseed. Tied with a string, they can be hung up in your garden as another treat for the birds. Remember that small birds feel most secure if food is served in an open space with good views on all sides.


‘Julehygge’ at City Hall through 21 December

Meet History Aalborg, Aalborg City Archives, and Aalborg Libraries at City Hall at Gammeltorv from now until 21 December. See a great exhibition of historic Aalborg Christmas photos, take in a old fashioned ‘jule-selfie’, get inspired by books about Christmas and Christmas decorations. Quizzes with great book prizes for large and small.

So come to City Hall to ramp up your excitement for the Christmas season by eating pebernødder, making decorations (City Archives will be there with copies of photos from Christmas in the old days to use, if you like), and playing board games at the following times:

Thursday, 4 December 15:00-18:00

Saturday, 6 December 13:00-16:00

Thursday, 11 December 15:00-18:00

Saturday, 13 December 13:00-16:00

Thursday, 18 December 15:00-18:00

Saturday, 20 December 13:00-16:00


Aalborg Kommune hosts Christmas Eve meal for municipal residents

Per tradition, the Aalborg Kommune Family and Employment Department (Familie- go Beskæftigelsesforvaltningen) is organising a community Christmas Eve meal on 24 December 24 at 15.30 in Vejgaard Hall on Vejgaard Torv, Aalborg. If you live in Aalborg and would like to attend, you are warmly welcomed. You can get free passes to the event at the Family and Employment’s offices (there are several in the city) until, and including, 18 December 2014 at 13:00. After the event in Vejgaard Hall, Kirkens Korshær will hold their annual Christmas party at Ansgar Church, Vesterbro 1A, where everyone is welcome to just show up. Doors open at 18.00, Christmas devotionals will be held at 18.30, and the Christmas celebrations begin at 19:00.



Yet another dual citizenship update

The Danish Parliament will hold the second debate on the dual citizenship law on 16 December and the third and final debate AND VOTE during their session on 18 December. It is on the daily agenda for that day, as you can see here. Support for the law is high, so it looks like Christmas will be coming a week early for a lot of people who have been waiting for this!


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