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The cold has hit Aalborg. This morning the thermometer said 2.3 degrees at 7:30. Commence full winter gear on the children before they leave the house and frothy hot chocolate when they get home from child care/school. At least we can be grateful we’re not in the Buffalo, New York region at the moment, where the snow has hit up to 155 centimetres (in Hamburg, just south of Buffalo) and continues to fall. While I still recommend warmly lit candles and cozy indoor activities, it’s also nice to take advantage of the sun we have not seen in weeks. Most of the upcoming activities are indoors, so take a few trips out but maybe you could start thinking about Christmas decorations, now that Advent’s start is a week away! 🙂 The Events Calendar is now updated to reflect this week’s additions – check it out!


Christmas market at Aalborg Kloster tomorrow – free entry

The sweet smell of spruce and Christmas cakes will greet visitors to Aalborg Kloster (Monastery) at C.W. Obel’s Square in Aalborg during the 11. Sct. Georg Gilde’s annual Christmas market tomorrow, 22 November from 10:00 to 15.30. Small stalls will be selling everything from homemade jam to wreaths, poinsettias, decorations and nisse (Christmas trolls) of all kinds. At 14:00 there will be a Lucia procession by the Sct. Mariæ Skole choir, and guided tours of the monastery will be led at 11:00, 12.30, and 14:45. Within the white limestone vaults the old monastery will sparkle with Christmas cheer. All goods were made by hand by 40 Guild volunteers.

spild?Waste? exhibit to open with visit by Minister of Culture Marianne Jelved in Tversted

Tomorrow, 22 November at 14:00 Minister of Culture Marianne Jelved will open the exhibition Waste? at Gallery Tornby in Tversted. Waste? contains works created by what others have discarded: sculptures from scrap, jewelry from broken toys, paintings on chalkboards, and more. The exhibitors come from Denmark and abroad, among them Tversted resident Inge Tranter, jewelry artist Kirsten Sonne, sculptor Irene Rosenkrantz, painter Knud Odde, and two African artists, Sahab Koanda and Xavier Sayago. Students from Vraa School will play music on recycled instruments and serves delicious ‘leftovers snacks’. Jelved will speak from a lectern made (by Gitte Lacarriere) out of old suitcases. And artist Inge Tranter has prepared “accident bags” for visitors! See the Facebook page for more information. (Please note: Tversted is at least a 45-minute drive from Aalborg due north; so could be quite inconvenient if you do not have a car.)

Free performance of ‘Medea, Medea’ at Trekanten Sunday

On Sunday, November 23 at 14:00 Trekanten cultural centre will be visited by a theatre ensemble, working under the direction of Danish-American Maria Lexa, who will perform “Medea Medea”. The play tells the story of Euripides, a princess who ends up killing both of her children, but has been transformed by Kirsten Noren into a text collage, which includes emergency calls to a contemporary hotline where people – mostly women – are looking for help. Audience members will watch puppets, actors in masks, and dancing as well as 12 performers cast as a classical Greek chorus, comment not only on Medea, but also on contemporary reality. All are welcome – families with children, friends and neighbors. The show is free. More information available here.

Christmas decoration workshops for children hosted by Kunsten To Go at Aalborg Main Library 

On Wednesday and Thursday, 26-27 November and again a week later (3 & 4 December) Kunsten To Go will hold a Christmas decoration workshop for children at the Main Library. Children in børnehaven (3-6 years) are welcome from 10:00 and children in grades 2 and 3 from 12:30. The workshop lasts 1.5 hours and is free; however, registration is necessary. Children who are not in child care or school are free to come to the workshop that their age group is attending. Click here for more information and to find the registration contact. (Not sure why there is nothing for children in 0 and 1 classes???)

Expat + Dane family event at main library 29 November

Expat and Danish families are invited to participate in the Aalborg Main Library’s next ‘Expat + Dane Family: music and play for families’ event on Saturday, 29 November from 11:00 to 12:30. Music teacher Malene Horsmark will lead children in music-oriented play after which there will be free playtime and a light lunch. The aim of the event is to give expat families and Danish families a chance to meet and mingle. Entry to the event is free and no registration is necessary.

Free admission to new exhibit at Utzon Center on 3 December

Utzon Centre’s Catalyst Architecture – New York, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro takes the visitor through images, movies and models to four of the world’s fastest growing cities on four continents, where architecture projects have contributed to positive urban development. The exhibition is a tale of eight projects in the four cities that have had a direct impact on run-down areas, changing them into attractive urban spaces and creating stronger social cohesion. The exhibit opens at 14:00 on 3rd December and there is free admission that day only.

Coro Misto to perform at Store Restrup Herregård on 6 December

On Saturday, December 6th at 15:00 the chamber choir Coro Misto will hold a FREE Christmas concert at Store Restrup Herregård. The castle will be beautifully decorated for Christmas, and is worth visiting for that reason alone – but it will be especially “hyggelig” if you go to hear their short Christmas concert.

TubaJul concert on 20 December at Nordkraft

TubaJul is an American tradition at which tuba, euphonium and trombone players meet and create Christmas music together as a great low brass orchestra. Tubakraft would like to invite all low brass players to TubaJul at Nordkraft in Aalborg, where they hope to assemble a giant monster orchestra. They also invite those who just want to come hear the impressive sound of more than (probably) 20 brass players in the big space that is Kedelhallen. The event takes place Saturday, 20 December.

The program:
11:00 to 11:30 Doors open (distribution of notes)
11:30 to 13:30 Rehearsal, incl. a small break
13:30 to 14:00 Departure for the concert in Kelderhallen (in the same building and indoors)
14:00 to 14:30 p.m. Concert Hall in Kelderhallen
14.30 -? After-TubaJul-Party (location to be published)

Location: Aalborg Kulturskole in Nordkraft on the 7th floor, Kjellerups Square, 9000 Aalborg
Concert: In the same building, just closer to the ground where there is a Christmas bazaar
Music: To be distributed on the day, so come early. There will be pieces in key of G and key of F.
Competition: Prize for the best costume and decorated instrument.
Registration: Necessary only if you are participating as a brass player; audience members can just show up! Click here to find registration info.

Klarupgaard’s 2nd Christmas market this season to be held weekend of 20-21 December

Last weekend Klarupgaard hosted the first of its two annual Christmas markets, to which I went with my older daughter. It was bigger and better than I expected. The former farm will hold their second one the weekend before Christmas and I can recommend it! In addition to a big market at which you can buy Christmas gifts (55 stalls will be on site with items ranging from retro and antique to food and life-style related), the hosts offer horse-drawn carriage rides (25 kr./person), a space where children can play and draw, and a cozy cafe where you can enjoy some refreshments. You can also, if you are ready to decorate for the holiday, buy a Christmas tree and/or other greenery. Entrance to the market is 10 kr./person (free for children under four) on both Saturday and Sunday, 20 & 21 December, from 10:00 to 16:00. Klarupgaard is located roughly 10 km outside central Aalborg. You can read more about the market here (in Danish).


Aalborg Atletik & Motion club announces 2015 organised runs

Aalborg Atletik & Motion, a club focused on running and staying in shape, has published their organised runs for 2015 on their web site. Possibilities range from the annual DHL Relay to regular runs in Østerådalen. Click here for more information, including types of runs, locations, prices, etc.

Update on dual citizenship

In care you missed my update post yesterday, I have been monitoring the situation with dual citizenship in Denmark. A friend pointed me to a discussion on the Americans in Denmark Part 2 group page that appeared on 16 November, 2014. ‘Larry Jf’ posted the following:

This past week the law allowing dual citizenship for those who become a Danish citizen was mentioned from the podium in the folketing (Parliament). That was treatment No.1 of the law. Treatment No.2 will be a debate of the law, which will take place soon and the final vote to pass the law will take place before the end of the year. I have this info from my contact in the folketing and since he is a folketing politician who has pushed for and will vote for the law I trust the info.

Indeed, I looked for the discussion in the Folketing’s Dagsorden and found it on their 13 November 2014 agenda. Here is a link (in Danish): So the law is on the agenda – they are recommending that it come into force in September 2015. Let’s keep fingers crossed and see how things go!


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