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It is good to be back this week. I have other topics in the pipeline but will need some time to write them up. In the mean time, here are this week’s events. Please check the calendar for an overview of activities and events in Aalborg!

Several classical music options coming up – starting tonight!

The Aalborg Symphony Orchestra will play three pieces under the direction of conductor Rafael Payare tonight, 23 October at Musikkens Hus. Joined by cellist Alisa Weilerstein, the orchestra will play Shostakovich’s Cello Concert No.2. Also on the program are Berlioz’s Roman Carnival and Prokofiev’s Symphony No.5. As one member of the ensemble described it, ‘This is a good concert if you aren’t quite sure what orchestra concerts are all about, or if you have been to a Platform 4 concert and want to give a regular one a try.‘ Tickets for the 19:30 performance range in price from 195 to 265 kr. but don’t forget the discounted price for students buying tickets on the day of the concert – 50 kr.! See here for more information on the concert and here for information on discounted tickets.

PromusicaAt 14:00 on Saturday afternoon, 25 October, Pro Musica (a large chamber ensemble, composed of ASO members) will perform in Musikkens Hus’s Intimsalen. The afternoon’s program includes Martinu’s Nonet, Dixtuor by Francais, and Serenade in D-major by Brahms. Tickets are 120 kr./person. For more information click here.

And on Sunday, 26 October at 14:00 Utzon Center will host a musical program organized by Nordjysk Sangelskab entitled ‘Sonnets and Songs’ with music composed by Britten, Barber, Copland and Langgaard. Performers include mezzo soprano Gertrud Lei, tenor Jens Krogsgaard, and pianists Jan Ole Christiansen and Ulla Erml. Tickets cost 120 kr./50 kr. (students)/70 kr. (retirees)/free for those under 18. For more information, click here.

And for those more interested in the alternative music scene…

Two bands will grace the stage at KUL Nordkraft tonight, while two others will take the mike at Huset tomorrow evening. Tonight‘s concert at Nordkraft begins at 21:00 and features Århus band Annasaid and local band Hollow Hollow. Entrance is free. More information here. Tomorrow night Lowly and Inouwee will play at Huset beginning at 20:30 (doors open at 20:00). Tickets cost 50 kr./person but if you bring a student ID you can invite a friend for free! See the event FB page for more information.

Are you interested in volunteering with youths in need? Here’s an opportunity…Ventilen

Ventilen (directly translated as ‘valve’) Aalborg is a volunteer organization that helps lonely young people find a way out of their loneliness and into the community. Tomorrow, 24 October from 16:00-18:00 the organization will hold an open house to which everyone – young and old – are welcome. The event will take place at Østerbro 14, Aalborg, one block from Nordkraft. Come and learn more about Ventilen, including how you can join and make a difference, take part in a competition, and enjoy some coffee and cake with other prospective volunteers. More information is available on the FB event page.

digipost_100Digital Post sign up help at the main library

On 1 November Denmark’s government switches to an all digital correspondence system with Danish residents. Are you signed up to receive post digitally from public officials? If not, the library is holding digital post clinics for those who need assistance getting up and running on the new system. Tomorrow, 24 October, and Friday, 14 November (yes, after the deadline but better late than never…) from 9:30 to 12:30 you can show up to receive help in the computer classroom on the ground floor of the main library. You may either bring your own laptop (or mobile phone) or use a library computer. You must bring your NemID information with you and an email address with which to sign up. Help is free of charge but you need to sign up ahead of time. Click here or here for further information.

IKEA buying old furniture back in nod to sustainability during month of Octoberbyttilnyt

This month (October) IKEA is participating in a new initiative called ‘Swap to New’ whereby customers can bring in certain used items purchased at the store and receive up to 50% of the value of those items toward new IKEA products. Recycling and sustainability are very much related. IKEA’s goal is that all of our products, including packaging, be made of either reused or recycled materials before the end of 2015. We would like to send a message about our sustainability goal to our customers and think that our Swap to New” campaign is a good initiative that shows our commitment to recycling,’ says John Kristian Sørensen, IKEA Aalborg’s store manager. Items IKEA will accept include coffee tables, TV tables, racks, cupboards, desks, dining tables, dining chairs without upholstery, serving tables, chests of drawers and bedside tables. For hygiene and safety reasons, they cannot take back kitchens, wardrobes, bathroom furniture, lamps, mattresses, bed frames, sofas, armchairs, mirrors, children’s furniture, or household items, among others. Read more about the campaign here.

FirstAidFree First Aid courses (in Danish) at Frivilleges Hus

Are you unfamiliar with First Aid techniques and would like to learn? Do you speak and understand Danish? If the answer to these questions is yes, then consider taking a free four-hour First Aid course at Frivilliges Hus on 26 October from 8:30 to 12:30, 2 November from either 8:30 to 12:30 or 13:30 to 17:30, or at the same times on 15 November. The course is being offered by Dansk Folkehjælp in cooperation with Østifterne, DK4 and Ekstra Blade and includes basic life support with heart massage and artificial respiration techniques as well as an introduction to using a defibrillator. The initiative was started by participating organizations after it was discovered that the Danes were among the worst First Aid providers in the Nordic region. (How they found this out I have no idea.) Places seem to be filing up fast. Click here for more information and to register.

LPcollectorsAttention LP collectors!

On Sunday, 26 October from 11:00 to 14:00, five dedicated LP collectors are hoping to make a dent in their combined collection of 3,500 vinyl records by selling as many as they can. Prices start at 5 kr. Come browse through their music in a garage while enjoying a cup of coffee. The location of the sale is Halkjærvej 10, 9200 Aalborg SV, which is near Bilka. Check out their FB page for more information. (Might be heavy on the Danish music scene – I can’t tell.)

Kunsten hosts ArtLab workshop for children and parents Sunday at Aalborg Station

As you may or may not know, Kunsten is closed for an extended period due to major renovations. However, the museum’s collections are still alive in various locations, including Aalborg Station. This Sunday, 26 October (and a number of Sundays throughout the winter) Kunsten at the station is hosting its ArtLab workshop for children and their parents, led by professional artist Liselotte Beyer, from 10:00-14:00. The idea behind ArtLab is that the process of creating something is what is important – not the final product. I believe the event is free, but this fact is not on the website. Call if you want to be absolutely sure. Click here for more information.


Increase in mobile phone and credit card thefts in Aalborg

It may be a good idea to pay extra attention to your valuables when you are out having fun in Aalborg. North Jutland Police have noted an increase in the number of thefts of mobile phones and eavesdropping of PINs in Virgin Ane Gade in Aalborg. Over the past two months 65 similar thefts have been reported in Aalborg. The typical victim is a young woman out partying on Jomfru Ane Gade, at whom the perpetrators throw themselves, and who later finds either her cell phone and/or credit card gone. ‘The thieves take note of the victim’s PIN while socializing in a bar, and later, after stealing the card, rack up purchases of between 2000 and 10,000 kr.,’ says Police Commissioner Henry Steel of the North Jutland Police. The victims have repeatedly observed Eastern Europeans (I can only assume they know this because the victims actually spoke with them and learned where they were from or identified their background by hearing the language/s they spoke) during the thefts, causing the North Jutland Police to believe that it may be the same men perpetrating the thefts. Staal encourages young people going out to carefully watch their things, especially  Dankort PINs. ‘Make it a habit to place your hand over the number pad when putting in your code,’ recommends Staal.

Thanks, as always, to Midt-Vest Avis (Uge 43 edition), and all who post to various FB pages on upcoming events!


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