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The weather is proving to be a real sport these days – sun, blue skies and warmth. With autumn’s official arrival Sunday, let’s hope we get more of the crisp, fall days that make the transition from summer to winter such a pleasure…Please remember to check the new Events Calendar to see all of these events on the days they happen!


photoUnlimited Urban Sessions – Library Edition TONIGHT!

I wrote about this in last week’s edition of R&U (it’s part of the Aalborg Sustainability Festival) but it was brought to my attention again when I spoke with Vita Andersen this week at the library. It sounds like a great time and chance to chill in a place that welcomes Danes and expats alike. See the event’s FB page here. Here is the organizers’ pitch:

‘As part of our Unlimited Urban Sessions series, we’re bringing you the Library Edition. Aalbornification is set to take you on a hip and cultural trip, in which you can get to know about the library and its free services as well as the Unlimited Festival. This edition is all about urban art and culture, and it fuses live painting-urban style, parkour, grooves and moves, all by being sustainable. Using our unique Boom Bike mobile stage, we’ll bring you several local DJs that will play selected electroswing, funky house, electro jazz and other dynamic infusions of electronic music in past genres. This edition takes place in the nice garden outside Aalborg Main Library’s Glashjørnet. We’ve arranged loads of beanbags, cozy chairs and tables to make you comfortable. We’ll be pumping moods from 16:00 until 21:00. From 21:30 on the other side of the library, there will be an outdoor showing of the movie Blå mænd, which is a Danish comedy featuring Borgen star Sidse Babett Knudsen. It will be shown with English subtitles. Although you cannot bring your own food or drinks to the event, we will sell affordable grilled food as well as non-alcoholic drinks (we’re in a municipal area) to keep your thirst and hunger in check. (For the outdoor movie screening from 21:30, we’ll be selling both food and ciders and beers.)


  • Get to know the library and its cool and free facilities – movie theater, gaming zone, book varieties, a lot of space for study group work, language café, extended opening hours, events for students and more.
  • Parkour and live painting – the parking lot just below the garden will host a group of local parkour enthusiasts and their obstacles, as well as two artist that will be painting live on big wooden boards. There will also be small workshops for people to try out parkour.
  • Book crossing – besides listening to quality music, meeting new people and chilling in the cozy atmosphere, you can bring a book you´ve already read and exchange it with one of the many books that the library gives away.

ANR free concert at the harbor tonight from 17:00-19:00

In conjunction with the opening of Larsen Waterfront, ANR hosts a free concert at Aalborg Harbor tonight from 17:00 to 19:00. Featured performers include Shaka Loveless, Djames Braun, L.I.G.A and Rasmus Walter. Just show up! More info here.

Organic Market at Nordkraft tomorrow

For the fourth year in a row, the Association of Organic Market Events Aalborg is holding their organic market day at Nordkraft. From 10:00 to 16:00 tomorrow, you can come and peruse various organic products, including vegetables, fruits, seafood, health products, dairy, meat, bread, chocolate, coffee, wine and clothing. There will also be environmentally friendly toys and packaging for sale. A fashion show will take place at 13:00. The market is part of Aalborg’s Sustainability Festival.

street picnicStreet picnic tomorrow on Nørregade from 17:00-23:30

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 20 VAERK9000’s sustainability festival ends with a bang. The festivals’ organizers invite you and your friends to a Picnic Partyin the middle of the pedestrian zone at Nørregade. All you have to do is:
1: Pack a basket with some food, cold drinks, coffee (and maybe a little cream and whiskey to keep warm…)
2: Put on little warm clothing and maybe bring a blanket – It’s Denmark, after all!
3: Bring a friend and find the pink caravan in Noerregade, and prepare yourself for a super hygglig evening in the company of old and new faces! We provide flowers, fun and bands to play for you free of charge. Don’t forget to share the invitation with your neighbor, and let’s put the good old street party” back on the map!

Semester Opening Party at Studenterhuset Saturday, 20 Septembersemesterparty

The big semester kick-off party at Studenterhuset takes place tomorrow from 21:30 to 3:00am. Come join the other 500+ students who have already signed up on the event’s FB page. Lots of music, conversation (maybe?) and drinks to be had by all. In fact, the FIRST 200 people will get a Carlsberg beer or Mokaï for free. Organized by I-Life and Studenterhuset.

Don’t forget Open Farms Day (Åbent Landbrug) Sunday, 21 September

Every year on the 3rd Sunday of September, farms in Denmark open their stable and barn doors to visitors to see how they operate. This year Open Farms Day takes place on Sunday, 21 September from 10:00 to 16:00. Registration is not necessary and entry to all participating farms is free. There are many different types of farming represented, with everything from dairy cows to sows and piglets and from minks to eggs, mushrooms and cucumbers. At some of the farms it is possible to buy something to drink and eat – read more on the activity list for each farm. Find the farm/s you would most like to visit here.

Aalborg City Council to hold city budget 2015 Q&A and debate session next Monday

The annual budget meeting between Aalborg City Council and local citizens will be held in Kedelhallen in Nordkraft next Monday, 22 September from 19:00 to 21:00. Kedelhallen will be converted into a platform where city council members and citizens can engage in dialogue and debate on next year’s budget. Each of the municipality’s seven departments will have a booth where people can exchange opinions with politicians on the 2015 budget for the first 45 minutes of the event. This open session will be followed by an open forum debate. Journalist Soren Wormslev will be the evening’s master of ceremonies and moderator. Beer and water will be served during the event. Everyone is welcome (please note, however, that the meeting will take place in Danish). Rad more here.

Students of Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium present free concerts at Musikkens Hus

Two evenings a week from next week students of the Jyske Music Conservatory will perform Konsertcafeer in the Rytmisk Sal at Musikkens Hus at 19:00. Dates are the following Tuesdays and Wednesdays this autumn: 30 September/1 October, 7/8 October, 11/12 November, 25/26 November. A variety of types of performances will be offered, including vocal, piano, drums, and guitar. See more about it here.

Expat + Dane Dinner on 30 October

One of the most popular Expat & Dane events the library holds is the annual Expat + Dane Dinner, which will take place this year on Thursday, 30 October from 18:30 to 21:30. Just bring a dish and drinks, put the food on the buffet table and mark your dish with its name and origin. Then take a seat at one of the many nicely decorated tables and have a chat with your dinner partners. Usually more than 100 people from more than 20 countries join in, including a large number of Danes. Children are very welcome. There is plenty of space and in the Childrens Library and Hulen the staff are ready to assist you. There is no admission fee but the library does require registration, which you can do via a link at the bottom of this page.


Record waiting list for student housing in Aalborg

In case you are not a student and are unfamiliar with the housing shortage students face here in Aalborg, it may come as a surprise that the waiting list for housing is longer than ever, despite 700 more housing units in the city since last year. (You HAVE noticed the enormous, tall, brown building on the harbor near Musikkens Hus, haven’t you?) Around 6,500 students are on a list for the roughly 6,000 units available in the city. Some are desperate for a place to live. Many of those on the list are not in acute need of housing, however – some are passive searchers, while others are living with their parents and just looking to move into their own place. In recent years Aalborg has invested heavily in youth housing and has established more of it than the rest of the country’s university cities combined. Still, it seems it has not proved possible to reduce the long queue.

Aalborg’s Park Hotel for sale

Here is a bizarre little news item. Have you ever wanted to own a hotel? Or do you have some ideas for how a building as well-placed as Aalborg’s Park Hotel could be used? If so, the hotel is now on the market for a cool 37 million DKK. Not bad for an establishment across from the train station with 79 rooms and 2 suites. If interested, inquire at the hotel, which has been family-run for 53 years.


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