Exciting networking opportunity for professionals in Aalborg – not to be missed!

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“Why are Danes so weird at work?”
Thursday 12th June – 16.30-19.30
Aftenskolernes Hus, Kjellerupsgade 16-18, 9000 Aalborg

Do not miss this exciting and unique opportunity to network with some of North Denmark’s business people!

Erhverv Norddanmark (Chamber of Commerce for North Denmark) and Trademark Future Lounge are inviting expats to meet members of Trademark Future Lounge on Thursday, 12th June from 16.30 to 19.30. A sociologist from Aalborg University will give insights into how Danes behave at work and when doing business – for better or for worse. This talk should enable an interesting and positive debate between the participants before they are divided into teams and work together to produce the fanciest version of the Danish national dish.

Trademark Future Lounge aims to create links to expats living in North Denmark and between professionals with different backgrounds, nationalities and professional skills. This is done through the traditional Trademark Future Lounge approach where professionalism and active cooperation go hand-in-hand.

The event is free of charge when you sign up. However, please note there is a no-show fee of DKK 220 + moms which is also payable in case you cancel after the deadline.

Sign up by Tuesday 10th June to Annica Gade Engholm annica@erhvervnorddanmark.dk

Venue: Aftenskolernes Hus, Kjellerupsgade 16-18, 9000 Aalborg


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