Recent & upcoming in Aalborg: Nordkraft playland, Lille Vildmose Center Easter activities, Brutal Marathon, tax seminar registration deadline, library cinema night

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  • Playland during Easter holiday! Nordkraft’s gymnasium is set up this week for children to bounce on trampolines, climb walls, and tumble on mats and other gymnastics equipment. Opening hours are 10:00 to 16:00 and cost is 50 kr. per child 2 years and up.
  • Easter activities at Lille Vildmose Center. Easter at Lille Vildmose Center will be full of fun and educational activities for children and the young at heart. Come and say hello to the center’s sweet house trollSmall Vildma’ and her little chicks in a nature workshop on Sunday, April 13 at. 10.30. If weather permits, Small Vildma will invite you to join in some Easter fun on lawn in the park. The center’s old ‘peat train’ will run every day during the holiday, with departures at 13:00 and 14:00. The center’s wild boars will also be fed daily at. 11:15 and 14.15. Click here for more information about the center.
  • The 14th annual Aalborg Brutal Marathon takes place on Friday, 18 April, starting at 13:00. Nordjyllands biggest marathon – and Denmark’s 4th largest – the race’s slogan is: ‘Exactly 42195 meters – with hills that kill.’ While this may seem daunting to those new to marathons, it could present an attractive challenge to those who have run such races before. The marathon is organized by Marathon in Aalborg (MIA) and starts and finishes at Stolpedalsskolen – Stolpedalsvej 2, near Aalborg Zoo. The route is described as such: ‘A short round of 800 meters followed by six grueling rounds of 6,9 km past the zoo and Aalborg Tower. The race is run on cityroads and forestpaths on a very hilly course. The organizers take no responsibility for injuries caused by the race.’ If, after reading this, you are STILL interested, please click here to find the contact name, number and email in order to register. Cost of participation is 200 kr.
  • The registration deadline for those interested in attending a seminar in English on hints and tips on taxes in Denmark, with a focus on the forthcoming tax return (selvangivelse), is Tuesday, 22 April. The event will take place on Tuesday, 29 April from 17:00 to 19:00 at Aalborg Kultur og Kongrescenter and will be led by run by Magnus Vagtborg of United Tax Network. Please email Kirstine Då to register. The event is free of charge.
  • Aalborg Main Library staff invite you to a movie screening of Lykkevej in their cozy cinema on Friday, 25th April from 16:00-18:00. The movie tells a humorous story about different Danish cultures meeting one another.The movie will be shown in Danish with English subtitles. The event is free and there is no need to register – just show up and head upstairs to the cinema. Read more about the film here.





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