Recent and upcoming in Aalborg: Expat + Dane family event, book sale, nature tour, diving, Aalborg house prices rise

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  • Expat and Danish families are invited to participate in the Aalborg Main Library’s next ‘Expat + Dane Family: music and play for families’ event on Saturday, 8 March from 10:30 to 12:30. Music teacher Malene Horsfeldt will lead children in music-oriented play after which there will be free playtime and a light lunch. The aim of the event is to give expat families and Danish families a chance to meet and mingle. While Malene’s activity is targeted at children from 4 to 7 years and their parents, all ages are welcome. Entry to the event is free and no registration is necessary.
  • The Main Library will hold a book sale today and tomorrow (6 and 7 March) from 12:00 to 18:00 and Saturday, 8 March from 10:00 to 13:00. On offer are books, magazines and other materials the staff have sorted out from the library’s collection because they have seen too much wear and tear or are out-of-date. Come check out their great deals!
  • Aalborg Kommune’s nature guides will lead their next tour this Saturday, 8 March from 13:00 to 15:00. Destination: Urbans Kælder in Skovdalen, Aalborg. The guides will take you through Møllepark where you will be able to see and hear the park’s plant and animal life. They will also explain the many opportunities for challenging exercise activities in the park. Finally, you will reach Urbans Kælder, which stands in a place with an interesting cultural history. And in the depths of the cellar is a wintering area where the resident bats can sit undisturbed and wait for warmer times. On the trip you will enter the dark and watch the on-site residents. To join the tour, please meet in the parking lot at Aalborg Tower, Søndre Skovvej 30 at 13:00 and bring a flashlight. (Tour in Danish) (blogger’s rough translation of article in Midt-Vest Avis, 5 March, p. 36)
  • Have you ever wanted to learn to dive? Or are you just curious about what diving entails?  Do you need to update your diving equipment? Easy Dive, which is Aalborg’s only provider of five star PADI training, is offering an open house and spring sale this weekend (Friday to Sunday, 7-9 March) at their new facilities at Gugvej 140, Aalborg. Due to a large increase in business over the last year, the company recently moved from their old location to the new, where they now have over 690 square meters of space. Easy Dive offers several dives a week and gives customers many opportunities to remain active divers after they complete training. They also organize lectures on trips, the marine environment, and courses. To hear more about Easy Dive’s offerings and browse their new location, visit them this weekend! More details available here. (blogger’s rough translation of article in Midt-Vest Avis, 5 March, p. 26)
  • House prices in Aalborg have exploded over the last 10 years. According to numbers collected and analyzed by the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks, single-family homes and townhouses bought in 2003 had appreciated approximately 68% in price by 2013. The increase in Aalborg is much greater than other parts of the country where prices have risen only about 34% over the last decade. Thus, the price per square meter of single-family homes and villas in Aalborg Kommune have crossed the magic threshold and now lie above the average price level in Denmark. This was not the case in 2003 when development in Aalborg lagged behind the rest of the country. (blogger’s translation of article in Midt-Vest Avis, 5 March, p. 18)

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