Snowstorm hits North Jutland

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Outside the blogger’s backdoor this morning…

It was predicted. We were warned. And yet I am awestruck by the storm that has hit (and keeps hitting). North Jutland is experiencing this winter’s first significant snowstorm and by the end (Sunday morning) we should have between 20 and 25 cm (7-9 inches) of the white stuff piled up outside our doors. According to Nordjyske, there have been major traffic problems this morning, including two bus accidents that sent 3 people to the hospital with minor injuries. Bus travelers are encouraged to incorporate ample waiting time into their schedules; for some the bus will never come today because service on many lines has been canceled. Those traveling by train may also experience delays. While the snowfall is not heavy, it will fall consistently throughout the weekend, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute. Heavy winds will also continue. So if you can, stay indoors, have a cup of hot chocolate and put a DVD in the player!


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